Fibromyalgia and Depression

By: Dr Alex Robber

FMS known as the syndrome of fibromyalgia is a disorder in which the patient has body-wide pain. Tiredness, troubled sleep, elevated sensitivity to feeling pain, muscle stiffness, and fibro-fog are the factors.

The relationship between depression and fibromyalgia is very strong, with many researches connecting both. It should be said that a patient with fibromyalgia is three times more depressed when diagnosing it than a patient without fibromyalgia.

In fibromyalgia, the primary symptom is chronic pain, which occurred when the cells that transmit the detectors of pain to the brain were damaged and ended up making the person more susceptible to the pain. The elevated sensitivity to pain, the greater the pain the individual feels, the more depression the individual feels.


When a person’s self-esteem is influenced, one gets sad. The sorrow becomes a issue when it is not possible for an individual to increase himself. It becomes a disease. People with depression are generally affected by:

  • • Guilty
  • • Worthless
  • • Low and negative power
  • • Unbalanced body weight
  • • Lack of enjoyment in ordinary circumstances
  • • Ending life

A victim of depression or taking antidepressants is 1 in 10 individuals. In fibromyalgia, depression affects about 25 percent of the population. Recent study has shown that depression is discovered twice that of males in females on a standard scale; and in fibromyalgia, females were 95 percent of the sufferers.

Types of depression

  • • Clinical depression
  • • Chronic depression (dysthymia)
  • • Seasonal depression or SAD (seasonal affective disorder)
  • • Bipolar depression.
  • • Causes of Depression

Few of the variables that increase the likelihood of depression are:

Genetics: some individuals have a family history that increases the danger of being caught in the characteristic. One of the genetics of depression is psychiatric disorder.

Conflict: Biological vulnerability to intolerance leads to depression that creates disputes and conflicts between friends and family.

Medicines: few drugs containing isotretinoin or interferon-alpha (antiviral medicine) or corticosteroids can become a danger of depression.

Loss or death: grief, sorrow or sadness that strikes a difficult reason to become depressed after losing someone.

Abuse: mental, sexual or physical abuse can also improve a person’s chances of depression.

Patients with fibromyalgia have many reasons to become depressed. The pain in the entire body has caused them to remain in their location, which does not allow the patient to freely create presences in certain meetings, thus making the individual socially isolated.

Also, the person with fibromyalgia did not get enough sleep, the tiredness and disease further open up the danger of depression. Because of physical pain, the patient cannot practice, and exercise is as efficient as the antidepressant. The individual becomes more depressed when an individual is unable to practice.

How to treat fibromyalgia and depression

There is still no fibromyalgia treatment. The way out to counteract the issue is self-care and individual therapy for other symptoms. The following strategies include the treatment of fibromyalgia and anxiety:

Medication: milnacipran (Savella) and duloxetine (Cymbalta) are antidepressants authorized by the FDA that are suggested to the person with fibromyalgia for depression control. These drugs are also administered to relieve fatigue and help with sleeping illnesses. Also prescribed as antidepressants are paroxetine such as Paxil and Fluoxetine such as Prozac, which helps to boost poor mood and relieve pain.

Exercise: Regular workouts, gymnastics, yoga and even swimming can assist to improve health. Since the exercise is like an antidepressant, it can assist to counteract the issue naturally on a periodic basis.

Diet: If a person with fibromyalgia operates on one’s diet and starts a good consumption, there will be depression and fatigue. Healthy food eliminates the body’s poor substance and helps the body function. A fundamental health chart can assist you design for yourself a specific diet plan.

Massage therapies: Massaging various parts of the body helps the brain to relax and break from constant pain. The body can be relaxing with the help of various therapies; hence the controls of depression and the patient can be relieved.

Sleep: Sleeping disease is one of the symptoms. If an individual begins to take a suitable nap without disruption, the issue will also be cured.

Cognitive- Behavioral Therapy: The treatment focuses specifically on teaching how to manage indications of fibromyalgia. Working on your ideas and focusing helps to cope with depression and the pain.

Support group: Only an individual who has gone through that stage can comprehend the other. A patient with fibromyalgia can assist the other individual, knowing that one individual is not alone in pain, can drag the individual out of confinement and can also decrease depression. Such support organizations can therefore assist to efficiently treat patients. Stay Healthizes!

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