Facts About Fibromyalgia Fog

By: Dr Alex Robber

Brain Fog is familiar to everybody with fibromyalgia. It’s a name to concentrate when you’re having trouble doing a job. You’ll even forget what you’ve been doing sometime. You will be challenged in many respects by brain fog. Sometimes I even forget that I must select my kids from college, or that I must pay bills, or have or have not taken medicine.

I personally thank you for making my life so miserable with fibromyalgia. I can’t even do my daily work with Brain Fog or remember my day-to-day duties. In remembering something, my family can’t trust me.

When I was a good individual with a sharp memory, I missed my ancient life. I never missed any appointments with a physician or parent / teacher, never late to work, but now it’s all upside down. I need to write down everything from birthdays to meetings. See how fast your life changes with fibromyalgia.

I was bumping into one of my close friends yesterday. We were together in university. Remembering who she is and what her name was took me nearly 2 minutes. The other very annoying thing about brain fog is how I can remember all the lyrics of a 90’s song and can’t remember what I had in today’s dinner. Is not this frustrating.

Before I got married, I had fibromyalgia. My husband had a great deal of support. It’s a whole distinct tale after marriage when we have children. I mean you can’t imagine how hard it is to live with kids and fibromyalgia.

Initially, it feels like I’m going to die very quickly after the birth of my first baby Tracy. You understand how much you need to take care of a child with all the feeding and care in the first 2-3 years, and with fibromyalgia going on its a Colossal Job. Well, I was very backed by my husband and now our daughter is 5 years old today.

I generally go to the doctor to talk about how I can handle brain fog and all the other symptoms of fibro. My doctor informed me that fibromyalgia may cause brain fog, but it is generally mild and not progressive. Well, I can only tell it’s not soft at all. The term fog seems innocent, but you’ll feel like you’re living in hell while you’re in it.

Life has altered a great deal now. I must check my calendar if I have an appointment today or if I miss a major event today. Always concerned that something significant should not have been ignored.

Another important thing about fibro fog is that it is going to stop you from gradually thinking. I sometimes know what I want to say, I can’t just put words to convey my meaning, or I even must change my words sometimes because I forgot what to say.

Brain fog will always have me in uncertainty, and this will surely also occur to you. Usually I always attempt to get active while driving because brain fog can strike anywhere and if I lose a bit of concentration while driving it will cost a lot.

I understand I’m not alone because a lot of other fibro-sick people go through brain fog or memory loss every day.

The nice thing about fibro fog is it’s not always present. First, it will gradually strike you, you’ll feel memory fog or loss, but you’ll feel better after a while. Your memory will return in the warm summer like a cold breeze and make you feel nice. I am grateful to God for the fact that my brain is still functional, its mere fog that causes trouble.

Fibromyalgia doesn’t come alone, it carries with it a range of other diseases or symptoms that make your life miserable. Setting up the fibromyalgia and its symptoms really requires an enormous quantity of energy. Just to be sure, discuss brain fog with your doctor to rule out anything else. But know you’re NOT ALONE IN THIS AND WE ALL IN THIS. Stay Healthizes!

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