What would you advise to someone who is young and has Fibromyalgia?

Bless your heart! I would say to you to get a notebook dedicated to writing down everything you eat and how you are feeling every day. Write down your pain levels and fatigue levels and how your food affects you. If any foods cause you to have abdominal pain eliminate them from your diet. Additionally, stop all sugar except in the form of fresh whole organic fruit.

This is because I believe that fibromyalgia is caused by a disorder of the gut biome. This means that you’ve taken so many antibiotics they have stripped the normal bacteria out of your intestinal tract and you now have abnormal bacteria in your gut. You can put them back in by eating probiotics. You can eat raw cheese in moderation, but not pasteurized.

The most available raw cheeses are imported Parmesan, Romano, and swiss cheeses. They should be marked made with unpasteurized milk. Raw cheeses have been fermented and will add good bacteria to your diet but pasteurized dairy products will add inflammation to your body. You should only eat grass-fed butter. Kerry Butter from Ireland is the best known.

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You can eat live fermented foods like Bubbies pickles, or Kombucha, or go to your local farmers market and see if anyone is selling live fermented pickles. You want the kind that is only pickled in salt and water, or in whey and has to be refrigerated. You don’t want pickles in vinegar. Other fermented foods are miso (if you can tolerate soy), which is fermented soy paste, and can be used to make yummy soups.

Put a spoonful in a small pot of boiling water, and add green onion, minced ginger, garlic, and a few cut-up veggies. You can also add cut-up firm tofu and or small pieces of meat. Cook until the veggies are barely tender, just a minute or two.

If you are thinking that this doesn’t sound like your normal fast-food diet, you would be right. It will be a new way of thinking for both you and your Mom, and a new way of shopping. You need to have as much organic food as possible, and as little pre-processed and fast food as possible. When you start removing junk from your diet your body will start to tell you when you’re feeding it the right things.

Your pain will decrease and your energy will increase. Say goodbye to chips and crackers and desserts except for fresh fruits. Say goodbye to pizza, hamburgers, and fries. Try eating homemade soups and stews and grilled fish with herbs on, and big salads and lots of veggies.

Make your own salad dressings using fresh garlic, olive oil, lemons, a little mustard, or some herbs. Mince, then mash the garlic with salt, add freshly ground pepper, the juice of 2 lemons, and twice the amount of oil to the lemon juice. stir in a little dijon mustard to taste. You won’t want bottled salad dressing after you’ve tried this!

Make bone broths with organic animal bones. Chicken, beef, and pork all make wonderful broths. Your goal should be to get as much gelatin in the broth as possible, so use the feet. Julia Child’s recipe is the best. The broth will heal your gut and you should eat some every day. 

Master Recipe For Basic Stock Julia Child) Recipe – Genius Kitchen You can find chicken feet at farmer’s markets and Chinese grocery stores. And good news, you can eat chocolate, but just a little, and it needs to be at least 70%.

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OK, enough food! Exercise if you can. If you’re too tired or too much in pain, then don’t. One of the things people don’t ever understand is how tired you are and how much you hurt. You can’t explain. Don’t even try, unless you use the pain scale, which is a method doctors and nurses use to quantify pain. 1 is no pain and 10 is screaming out loud pain.

So figure out where you are between one and 10 and that will help you to track it. Write that in your notebook every day and show it to people when they tell you to stop being lazy. My rule of thumb is that I can work through it up to level 4.

Level 5 and above is too much pain to be working or exercising through, although I can do seated work at 5–6. If you must take pain medicine, use an NSAID, like Ibuprofen or Naproxen. Don’t take Tylenol. It’s very liver toxic and it’s a useless medicine. It doesn’t touch the pain.

Try not to take pain medicines, because they will ask how you are feeling, and what your diet is doing to you.

Get your doctor to do a nutrition test on you. It’s a blood test that checks your nutrition levels. It’s very common for people with fibromyalgia to be short on magnesium, potassium, and B vitamins, for example. It’s also common to have hypothyroid of one sort or another. You need to test both for T4 and T3, and if you’re low on any of these, then you need to take supplements for them.

Find stuff that’s quiet and constructive that you like to do. Get off your screens if you have any energy. Learn to knit. Paint or find other art projects to do. Make jewelry. Be productive and happy as much as you can. On good days, go to school and try and keep up.

This disease will not change who you are. You are still you, and you are important and lovable. Be good to yourself, and don’t beat yourself up over this, because it’s not your fault. It’s modern life, sad to say.

God bless you!

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