A Good Day Does Not Mean I’m Cured with Fibromyalgia

By: Dr Alex Robber

Many of us with fibromyalgia have “healthy days” where individuals who do not comprehend chronic disease can be confused. A good day doesn’t imply that I was treated with fibromyalgia. My good day version is not the same as the good day version of a healthy person. I understand completely how people can be confused and why I hear often statements like: “You don’t look sick,” “The health image looks like this” and “Are you better right now?”

Some individuals discover such annoying comment because it feels like an insult. As a compliment, I consider it. I love to post a picture on social media and to feel again as “ancient Ness.” I enjoy it. This picture is often drawn at the beginning of a nice day. I get a lot of likes, congratulations and reassurance. I’m not worried if I am back in my pajamas by dinner and tired on the couch or in my bed. It increases my spirits, I have had that little boost.

There’s not much to be different from my regular routine a nice day. But I’m in least pain, I can still spend the day crocheting. My chronic tiredness never fails, every day is the same. But I’m going to go to sleep on a nice day with the red lipstick left. On a bad day I can’t manage to clean my lipstick, let alone my war paint!

Understanding Good Day Means

  • I have a better equilibrium.
  • My food pleases me.
  • I laugh more.
  • Can walk up the stairs more quickly and less noise.
  • I smile more confidently with a boost.
  • In the house on my list I will handle a tiny task.
  • I can have a make-up on for college running in the morning. (This may be folding clothes in the washing basket or easy tasks.)
  • I can post on social media something that is a nice day.
  • I’m not healed on a nice day. I’m still suffering and tired of chronic fatigue, but it feels better on a balanced level, so I’m very grateful.

I can “Medicated” on unique occasions, so I can go out, but then falling is hard. The pain is always flaring with the powerful relief to cover the pain. I do this generally only for my children’s activities. It’s worth the pain, it’s my world!

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Please do not spoil their nice days by supposing they are healed if you have a loved one with Fibromyalgia. A chronic disease implies that we are not healed. There are individuals who can go to remission to free themselves from symptoms, but remission does not forever last.

We attempt our very best in our day to strike a balance and some days are a bit simpler. It’s a great day.

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