21 Days For Weight Lose: Change Your Mindset Challenge


We’ve all heard this saying, but how does it icon into weight loss? Your mindset, your state of mind, is extremely important when it comes to achieving lasting success. Cravings, motivation, desire to workout…it’s all tied to your thought life.

Day 1
What’s your Big Why? Why do you want to lose weight/get fit/create a healthy lifestyle? Make a list of your reasons. – It is time to be real with yourself well-nigh what is driving you to make a change. Take some time to write lanugo the reasons that are most important to you in a notebook or journal. Consider putting these reasons on post-it notes and posting them in your room, in your car or anywhere spend a lot of time as a reminder. Reviewing your reasons surpassing meals or surpassing working can moreover be helpful, so consider writing them lanugo on notecards and store them in your bag.

Day 2
Create clear, measurable, realistic goals. For example: I will lose a total of 75 pounds vs I will lose 20 pounds in the next 3 months. The second goal is increasingly specific. “I will eat healthy.” vs. “I will create a 1500 calorie a day meal plan focused on low carb meals.” Specifics matter. Stuff practical matters as well. Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. If your goals are unrealistic and you don’t reach them, that can be very discouraging. Record your goals in your notebook.

Day 3
Why are you worth it? This journey takes energy, sacrifice, time, money and more. You are worth it, and you really must embrace that concept, expressly if the needs of others could potentially deject your perspective and rationalization you to lose focus. Make a list of the reasons that you are worth all the nonflexible work and dedication in your notebook. Know your worth. Know your value.

Day 4
What is your current relationship with food? If supplies was a person, how would you describe them? Has supplies been a lover, a friend, an enemy, etc.? Do you have a variegated relationship with junk supplies vs. healthy food? Take some time to write lanugo who supplies has been for you in your notebook.

Day 5
Accept that you are an superstitious and trappy person. Take 5 minutes in front of the mirror and find at least one thing that you like well-nigh yourself. Then make a list in your notebook of all the things you love well-nigh yourself and all the ways you are a unconfined person. This may be nonflexible if you’ve built up a lot of self-hate. If you wilt emotional, it’s ok. Finger what you need to finger and learn from your feelings in the moment.

Day 6
Visualize Your Goals Part 1: Today, You will pull out magazines and start selecting images for a vision workbench that reflects your goals. Weight loss, fitness, eating habits, wellness, etc. You can moreover print out images that you find online.

Day 7
Visualize Your Goals Part 2: Take out that poster workbench and create your vision workbench today. Don’t put limits on what you can unzip and don’t worry well-nigh stuff too out of the box.

Day 8
Visualize Your Goals Part 3: Take a photo and share your vision workbench with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Include our hashtag #healthizes so that we can find you.

Day 9
Reach out for support: Call someone you love and ask them to support you on your weight loss journey. Call someone who won’t respond to your wanting to lose weight with jealousy, fear, or judgment. You may have once washed-up this. If that is the case, trammels in with at least one person in your support system today. If you don’t have a supportive friend, family member or loved one, etc. consider joining a support group where you can meet new people, like Black Girls Run or GirlTrek.

Day 10
Write a letter to yourself that you will read without you’ve met your weight loss goal. I got this idea from the videos that towards at the end of episodes of Extreme Weight Loss. At the whence of their journey, they would record a video the person at the part-way of the episode talking well-nigh their weight and how they felt. At the end of the episode, you would see the same person listening to that footage without they’ve lost the weight. On TV, it was shown as if they were standing or sitting side by side with their former selves and it was so powerful.

Day 11
Investigate Your Triggers Part 1: What, other than hunger, makes you want to eat? Take some time to write lanugo the triggers that motivate you to eat when you are not hungry. People, situations, emotions, etc.

Day 12
Investigate Your Triggers Part 2: How can you take whoopee to baby-sit versus eating when you are not hungry? Make a list of the deportment and new habits you can embrace to stave emotional and stress eating. Commit to at least 2 of those deportment for the rest of the challenge.

Day 13
Healing Past Pain and Forgiveness: Do you have issues virtually painful memories in your past? Do you have issues virtually forgiving yourself and others? These issues can turn into supplies triggers and lead to unhealthy habits, like binging. Today, you will research wares and self-help books that can help you start your journey to healing. You will moreover consider whether you need counseling or therapy. Today you will reach out to your spiritual family, biological family and friends for support.

Day 14
Mindful Eating: Research the concept of Mindful Eating and write lanugo a definition you like. Then, write lanugo 3 ways you can wield this concept to your life.

Day 15
Do Something That Makes You Finger Beautiful: What makes you truly finger beautiful? Take some time today to get your hair done. Get your photo taken professionally or take a well-planned selfie (with an superstitious background). Get your makeup washed-up at the MAC counter. Wear that special outfit or your favorite perfume, plane though it’s not a special occasion. Visit our FB page and tell us what makes you finger beautiful.

Day 16
Do something relaxing that is all well-nigh YOU: Sleep in late. Get a manicure or pedicure. Spend a few hours with a unconfined book. Do something creative, like knitting or crafting. Do Nothing…if you know what I mean. Your choice! Do whatever helps you to relax. For a few hours today, it’s all well-nigh you. You have to take time for yourself.

Day 17
Make a Gratitude List: If you’ve followed Oprah over the years, you are familiar with the concept of a Gratitude list or Gratitude journal. What are the things, people and situations you are most thankful for? Make a list in your notebook. Take some time to record the ways that you are blessed. Reflect on this list when you are feeling lanugo or when you are in need of inspiration. Put up post-it notes virtually your home to remind you of your blessings. Requite Thanks!

Day 18
Positive Affirmations: Create a list of positive affirmations that can inspire you to alimony going when times get tough. You’ll find some spanking-new affirmations online. You could plane use motivational quotes. Record at least 10 affirmations/quotes in your notebook. Commit at least 2 of them to memory and repeat them to yourself during the rough times.

Day 19
Take Stock of Where You Are In Life Right Now: Yes, we need to focus on our weight and our health but, sometimes we can wilt so focused that we don’t requite time to some of the other areas of our lives that need work. Think well-nigh your career, your family, your spiritual life and other things or situations that stupefy your happiness. Where do you need to put your energy? Are there situations or people that are taking too much of your time and energy? Make a plan to retread and make some changes. Make a list of your priorities in your journal/notebook.

Day 20
Create a Daily or Weekly Healing Ritual: Set whispered time daily or weekly to focus on healing your mind, body, and soul. That could midpoint setting up an shrine zone in your home for daily prayer or meditation. You could set whispered a specific time for writing in your periodical or create a ritual virtually bathing and self-care. You may plane incorporate yoga, flit or other forms of movement into this time. There are some unconfined weight loss devotionals out there that can help you to focus, as well as lots of books on relaxation, detoxing your life, meditation, etc.

Day 21
Music can stupefy your Mindset. Create a positive vibes playlist and an exercise motivation playlist. Music can inspire and lift your spirit. Music can raise your mood and get you excited well-nigh working out. From inspirational Gospel to old school hip-hop, segregate the music that moves you. Share your playlist with us online.

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