Why Fibromyalgia misdiagnosed as Arthritis is common?
Why Fibromyalgia misdiagnosed as Arthritis is common?

Why Fibromyalgia misdiagnosed as Arthritis is common?

Several years ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I was treated with various drugs including methotrexate. The drugs did not really help, but I did have some side effects from them. Recently I obtained a second opinion from a different NHS Trust. I was told that I did not suffer, nor had I ever suffered, from rheumatoid arthritis. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I believe that my current diagnosis is correct and that I never had rheumatoid arthritis. My joints were not inflamed and I did not have synovitis, the medical term for inflammation of the membrane which lines the joints. Do I have a remedy against the NHS Trust which kept treating me for rheumatoid arthritis?

It sounds as though the doctors at the first Trust may well have been negligent in diagnosing you wrongly with rheumatoid arthritis. They may over a long period have failed to appreciate that that diagnosis, in the absence of synovitis of the joints, was unlikely and they should have checked out the diagnosis by using imaging techniques such as Isotope bone scanning.

During the period that you were diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, your fibromyalgia was not recognized or being tackled, and instead, you were being given drugs and treatment for rheumatoid arthritis which caused you side effects. In a recent case, a woman received £50,000 in a Court settlement caused because of the incorrect diagnosis and failure to re-evaluate it over a period of time. It is definitely worth you taking legal advice over this.

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  1. warda

    I’ve been living with fibromyalgia for years, and I can honestly say that your blog post is one of the most comprehensive resources I’ve come across. Your explanations of the various symptoms and their impact on daily life were spot-on, and your suggestions for managing pain and fatigue were practical and easy to implement. I also appreciated your discussion of the emotional toll of fibromyalgia, as this aspect of the condition is often overlooked. Thank you for providing such valuable information and support for those of us living with fibromyalgia.

  2. rominka

    “Your blog post on fibromyalgia was a comprehensive and insightful read. The way you articulated the symptoms and challenges of living with this condition resonated deeply with my own experiences. Your empathy and understanding shine through your words, making it feel like you’re speaking directly to those of us who are navigating fibromyalgia.”

  3. Maya Reed

    “I found your blog post on fibromyalgia being misdiagnosed as arthritis to be incredibly validating. As someone who has struggled with chronic pain and fatigue, it resonated deeply with my own experiences. Thank you for shedding light on this often-overlooked aspect of fibromyalgia.”

  4. Quinn Young

    “Your blog post shedding light on why fibromyalgia is often misdiagnosed as arthritis was eye-opening! It helped me understand the complexities of these conditions and the challenges patients face in getting an accurate diagnosis. Thank you for raising awareness on this important issue.”

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