Why do Sufferers Heal Slower than Others with Fibromyalgia?

By: Dr Alex Robber

Understanding Fibromyalgia and Slow Healing

Who of us did not have a straightforward skin scratch? You’re healing fast right? Well, you don’t discover myself curing as soon as you should when you’re like me, and many others with fibromyalgia.

We must first comprehend the basic facts of how a scratch or a cut heals before we can delve out why this is happening.

Understanding Healing Process

The blood plates stay together when you get a wound for the first time, forming coagulation. Then the skin cells can cure a spinal cord over the wound.

New skin cells are used to multiply, repair damaged blood vessels, and attack white blood cells by infection. If any of these elements don’t work well in your body, however, the healing process may not occur as it should.

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Details and Answers

On many occasions, I have noticed this myself. Most lately I scratched the top of my foot with the kitchen slipper as I tried to take the coach away from the back of my car while holding my child who was a few months old at that moment

This scratch hurt more, of course, as is the case with fibromyalgia, but I didn’t believe much more about it and quickly, the pain was gone. It’s scraped off a lot of skin, but it wasn’t a large deal, certainly. 

But months have gone by, and the scratch remains as noticeable as ever. My baby is over the age of one year now and this scratch doesn’t look different from a few weeks since I received it.

I was curious, as I often do when I started to do research when it was yet another strange expression of fibromyalgia. Sadly, I have discovered very little data about slow fibromyalgia healing wounds.

What I found was private accounts of people with the same issue I had. Sadly, the best thing you can do is to have a disease so misunderstood as fibromyalgia is.

On Twitter, I raised the issue and the spoon group was glad to share their experiences, as usual. After answering people who also suffered from wounds that didn’t cure as fast as they should, I had answered. Fibromyalgia and scarring are other prevalent complaint.

The participants had a variety of diseases, but all these diseases affect the immune system. Their effects were prevalent. This can be a key to the slowing rate of our body healing.

Understanding Fibromyalgia May Affect the Healing Process

It’s logical to conclude that we can’t recover from a cut or a scratch at the same velocity as someone with healthy cells if our blood and skin are not functioning the way they should.

It is possible something in our cells is misfiring. Our mitochondria, the powerhouse of our cells, seems to have a specific problem. Mitochondria generate energy in the cells to carry out their work.

Some are thought to suffer from mitochondrial dysfunction in individuals with fibromyalgia. In relation to increased scarring and bleeding, this might explain many of our symptoms, including slow healing.

As with many theories concerning fibromyalgia, there is not much concrete proof. There is also a discrepancy between physicians about this hypothesis.

What Can We Do?

Adequate care for wounds. Ensure that any breaks or wounds are cleaned, and the ointments and bandages are preserved, there is a better opportunity for cure and protection against infection. See a doctor immediately if it appears infected.

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Just try lysine. Try lysine. Lysine is an essential amino acid that can contribute to the acceleration of healing. Talk to your physician or do studies to make sure that the medications or supplements you are taking are all right and do not interfere with them. There are so many strange symptoms associated with this life-altering illness. Fibromyalgia is much more than pain. Even if the physicians cannot comprehend what all this creates, it is a help that we can share experiences with others in our society. We are not alone, it is a relief.

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