When you have fibromyalgia

It is fibromyalgia awareness month once again. Remember fibromyalgia awareness day falls on May 12th.

I’d like to start the month with a little fibromyalgia humor. Sadly, it is also all true.

When you have fibromyalgia

Sleep is the delicious nectar of the gods that is denied you

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Too much sleep? That’s a flare

The last time you had no pain was before the Big Bang

Doing a thing? That’s a flare

You have to stay within your limits. Those limits change every day. It is a fun game we play called accidentally causing a flare from something you did just last week

Moving your body? That’s a flare

You get so fatigued you wonder if you need a nap, another nap to compound the nap you took, or just melt into a puddle of motivationless goo as the fatigue drags you down.

Existence? That’s a flare

Your mind is pudding and you have no idea if a sentence is going to come out of your mouth or just garbled nonsense. Not that it matters you don’t even remember the name of the dude you are talking to.

IBS? That’s an extra bonus flare

Your words don’t word

Your memory is great but insanely short

Your sense of your body is what areas hurt more than the other areas

Also, don’t do the Hokey Pokey

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