What Things Fibromyalgia People Need at Home?

By: Dr Alex Robber

What things fibromyalgia individuals need in their homes. The patients share their experience and recommend stuff that should be the subject of each house suffering from this weakening disease. The few responses from the patients with fibromyalgia

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  1. Honey
  2. Epsom salts
  3. Ice pack
  4. Heating pad
  5. Sunglasses for sharp light
  6. Electric kettle for soup
  7. Gel packs in freezer
  8. Balm to ease cramps
  9. Balm achy joints
  10. Warm fuzzy socks
  11. Healing Medicines
  12. Warm Bath big tub
  13. pain patches 
  14. Nonperishable food
  15. Need Family 
  16. Frozen meals
  17. Protein bars
  18. A nanny or maid
  19. Essential oils
  20. Comfy pillows
  21. Automatic bed
  22. Cool light
  23. Sleep wear
  24. OTC vitamins
  25. My Husband
  26. Shower chair
  27. Cooling towel
  28. Comfortable clothes
  29. Loose and breathable clothes
  30. No stairs at home
  31. A cleaner
  32. Chill pillow
  33. Warm blanket
  34. Hot chocolate
  35. Good mattress
  36. Healthy food
  37. Warm fire
  38. My Dog
  39. Cool fan
  40. Computer
  41. Peanut butter
  42. Water to keep you hydrated
  43. Games to keep you engaged
  44. Swimming Pool
  45. Diet Books

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