What or Who I Am the Invisible Intruder

What or Who I Am the Invisible Intruder

By: Dr Alexa James

I was something that was wanted to deny the health community once. You told me I was just in your head, I didn’t exist, you felt like freaks who have lost their minds. Something different than what their practice has been teaching them could not believe. Oh, but I’ve demonstrated I’m so real, and now they know that. I am not in your head as a figment of a psychological or overactive imagining.

I’m a nightmare you’re worst. I have always been a mystery through the decades — a haunting mystery that no cure exists. Medications may mask a symptom if you have sufficient medication but there is no cure. I’m going to rob your family and friends away, because they don’t understand why you are as…

May I describe one day of your life–maybe they’ll know a little about you. If they are to look at me in your midst, they might see shining red and blue flames, struck in the midst of every muscle you have. I’d be the scream of a Banshee in order to hear me. They would feel the sand and the fire on their skin to feel you from within.

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In severe cases, you cry and cry to touch something, for it’s like the hottest fire you can imagine, the sand piercing on the skin and reaching every nerve within you…. even the softest of fabrics is wounded and you are burnt when you try to use them, bedding sheets are untenable and sleep evades you. You want to rip off your skin. They will find that it is like a bass-guitar played far beyond what is regarded as “normal,” to enter your realm, and the vibrations are insupportable.

Every day or night, I’ll rob yourselves of sleep, sleep is uncommon. I will command your mind and body to feel less than human so long as you cannot escape into any other realm. I tear up your life and ask you to be my 24/7 slave for suffering and pain. Yes, the level of mental, emotional and physical pain you suffer doesn’t understand.

Some say they understand, but they don’t believe them, because they walk in shoes different from you. Some suffer a similar “me,” however, at all levels and extremes, each of you suffers. Forever and a day, I shall remain a mystery. I’m not the kind of nice thing because, once in a while, I’ll tear apart your heart and soul, and I’m going to fear those you care and want to love.

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You’ll suffer, lie down for days if you’ve had that luxury, and cry out for help just to find empty arms… If you’re lucky, you may find someone that tries to stay near you! If they are lucky, you can find somebody who tries to stay close. But I usually frighten them. The time is turned into hours, the hours are turned into days, the days turn into months, the months turn into years without a cure–all that’s “Me’s pain” within you.

Remember, I live in all of your nerves and your muscle–there’s no escape. I’m the unseen intruder. There’s no drug, no pharmacist, no wondrous drug or herb that takes me off from you… no sleeping pill or narcotic that can get me from your body… there’s no separation from “me,” I can’t live and not kill. You can never escape me when I have you inside of my grasp.

But the biggest thing is that your torment flourishes in my favor because you don’t understand the suffering that you are suffering; just as you can’t live a life without pain you, you can’t understand who you don’t know, or want others to have time to understand, you just don’t understand. However, they often go away, if the pain that you feel is expressed, which is not really possible… There are really no words to express what each of you feels or masks. When you work with people you are forced to wear a’ mask.’ When you come home, you cry out because of the terrible pain.

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Lyrica, Cymbalta and other medications, such as pain relief and muscle relaxing medications, just add to my control, and until they work, you don’t even know–if they work at all.

Who am I? I’m the Invisible Intruder, and I’ve got many siblings, usually living in you as well, my name is Fibromyalgia. Welcome to my world and perhaps to the world of your friend. “The Invisible Intruder” is my name, yes. There are no escapes, because there’s no cure, I live in you, around and through, and in every aspect of your life. –by McKimson Holly

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