What family Members of Those who have Fibromyalgia Need to Know

By: Dr Alex Robber

This article’s sole purpose is to give our friends and family an idea that “we don’t fake it.”

Fibromyalgia is a concealed and mysterious disease. Outside, the person with fibromyalgia appears healthy, which leads the other individuals to see us in good shape, while inside only patients with fibromyalgia realize he / she is struggling with 100 symptoms.

For the medical society, Fibromyalgia is a mystery. Doctors on patients attempt distinct medications, but not all these medications work for all patients equally. Some may get relief, but others may get a flare, or the condition may even get serious. Finding a suitable cure for this is continuing research.

There’s a common saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” There is a prevalent view in the fibro patient family that the individual does not try to feel better. Like we don’t eat well or do not do adequate workouts or workouts to improve. They don’t understand that a straightforward exercise of 2-5 minutes can trigger a fibro flare or fatigue that can last for days.

Another misconception is that a psychological problem is fibromyalgia. A good individual would believe there’s nothing in medical tests or reports about how a fibro patient can have hundreds of symptoms. Many individuals see fibromyalgia as a psychological problem because of this reality. Fibromyalgia is not a psychological problem, just to be evident, and there is enough proof that it is a true disorder.

Fibromyalgia can alter the life of a person entirely. You can, you can’t do a task like you used to. You’re going to feel tired all the time and there’s no energy in your body, that’s why you need a lot of assistance and support from your family, friends and colleagues. Many individuals must modify their habits or even their employment because of fibro.

A mixture of many ups and downs is life with fibromyalgia. You wake up one day and may feel vigorous. You’re going out shopping for food, taking a warm shower, cleaning your house, etc. But on another day, you wake up and your entire body gets hurt. You can’t even get up from bed. A slight motion hurts like hell. Even breathing hurts at times.

Fibromyalgia Patients are experiencing misery every day. Even if a patient with fibro does not mention that he / she is in pain that is constantly agonizing. In their surroundings, they always feel small changes. Like a tiny drop / increase in temperature or even the slightest touch will feel like hell. This type of impairment is called sensory overload.

The patient is highly susceptible to light, noise, touch and odor. An easy way to comprehend all this is to position yourself in the fibro-patient’s location. People with fibromyalgia generally avoid physical contacts such as hugs, slapping, thumbing on the shoulder or shaking hands as their entire body is in pain and these physical contacts cause more serious pain. If a person from Fibro doesn’t shake your hand or hug you, it doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t like you.

Talk about tiredness. Fibro tiredness is distinct from ordinary tiredness. A normal person tired came home from the office, he’s going to take a good night’s bed, and the next morning he’s going to be fresh and energetic, but a fibrous person can’t get fresh from sleep. For the remainder of our life, it’s like we’re weary. Patients with fibro not only physically exhausted, but also mentally exhausted. They are unable to believe obviously (Fibro Fog).

Another common misunderstanding is that patients with fibro are anti-social. They’re not going to meet individuals. We’re just not going to the parties or meeting because we have a restricted quantity of energy that’s far less than a normal person and spending that energy on a case like a party or social gathering could get us to sleep for several days. It’s not that we don’t like going out, but on parties we just can’t afford to go out.

Another important thing about patients with fibro is that they have memory problems. Regardless of whether they are important or not, they can’t remember stuff. They also find it difficult to concentrate on stuff. These all happen because of fibro fog, so trust her when a fibro patient says she can’t remember. She’s not doing it intentionally. Writing stuff down would be a popular answer to this problem.

Stress is the key to a lot of illnesses. If we can get rid of stress, anxiety, and depression, most of our diseases will go away. This rule applies to patients with fibro as well. Stress may cause symptoms to worsen for us. Always attempt to give fibro patients at home a calm and quiet atmosphere to prevent flares.

As discussed before, patients with Fibro tend to isolate themselves, but that doesn’t mean they want to end their social life or don’t want to satisfy you. On the other side, try to keep in touch with her. Help her in daily duties such as cooking, picking up college kids. Show her your affection when required so that she can feel that she is not alone in this and that in this hard moment everyone is with her.

Friends and family support and always help make life much simpler for fibro patients. Although we can do very little about the disease, helping her in the daily routine is very good for her. Don’t try to nudge away because this kind of approach doesn’t matter to you. This will affect your physical and emotional link with her considerably.

My kind recommendation to close circle fibro patients is that instead of just thinking this disease is made up. Try to find it on the web. There are plenty of fibromyalgia locations and articles that obviously show that this disease is not a MADE-UP disease. Try to put yourself in her situation to comprehend better what she’s going through every day. Share it with her if you discover something helpful on the internet so she understands you’re looking after her.

Communication is the key to resolving any incomprehension. Try to talk to her to know her condition better. Show her assistance in this challenging moment. I promote all good people to support your fellow men. In daily routine, my husband also provides me with a lot of assistance. I would be a Sloth without him, sitting on a couch for the whole day. I hope everyone has a good idea of what we’re going through every day. We need assistance from you. Stay Healthizes!

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Dr Alex Robber

Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. Researchers believe that fibromyalgia amplifies painful sensations by affecting the way your brain and spinal cord process painful and nonpainful signals.

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