What are ways to ease discomfort from Fibromyalgia while Pregnant?

I’ve had two difficult pregnancies. Two boys were born healthy

This is going to sound awful. It hurts just to say it. It’s the silver bullet, though, against fibromyalgia. Exercise.

Don’t stop reading yet.

You have to start very, very slowly. 5 minutes of gentle exercise is perfect for the first week. If you have access to a warm pool, then it’s even better because you have less weight in the pool and the warm water reduces pain.

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You might try physical therapy (PT) as many PT facilities have such pools. Make sure the physical therapist has experience with fibromyalgia, though. If experience isn’t available, speak with them about their approach.

If they start with “we’ll start you easy with 30 minutes and 2-pound weights,” they don’t know enough about the condition. If they say 10 minutes and 1/2 pound weights, you are in a position to explain that they expect too much. You need to start with less time and the weight of your own body.

Note that your insurance will limit visits. Find out the limit so you can spread visits out to cover the pregnancy and part of recovery.

You (and possibly your PT provider) can slowly increase your activities. Keep in mind that you don’t want to increase as fast as most people would. I used to add three minutes every three days, and I considered that an aggressive approach. Three minutes a week might be more sensible.

The mistake I always make is to stop when I’m sick. Short of influenza, I need to keep going and maintain my ability to move. We seem to have less ability to hold on to our gains than most people.

A motivator that I should point out: if your core and abdominal floor are strong and flexible, you will have an easier delivery (according to my OB all those years ago). If they are weak, you have more chance of injury and you will have a harder time with the “push” part of delivering the baby. I haven’t heard any statistics on this, but logic dictates that if you have difficulty with delivery, it might increase the chance of complications.

Exercise hurts when you have fibromyalgia. I won’t argue with that. But every incremental increase in fitness will reduce pain. The trick is to keep it slow and gentle.

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