What are the Chronic Illnesses Reasons of Chronic Insomnia?

By: Researcher Taymur

Understanding Chronic Insomnia

Sleep failure is a typical sleeping disorder, with difficulty falling asleep, sleeping, or both. So a third party of American Trusted Source reported that every night, at least 7 hours, they don’t get the recommended amount of sleep.

However it is also known as acute insomnia, constantly having trouble sleeping. Because a few days or weeks of acute sleeplessness occurs often in times of strain or change in life.

Chronic insomnia is known to have trouble sleeping or sleeping more than three evenings a week for three months or longer. This is also called chronic sleeplessness.

Understanding Chronic Insomnia Types

Two major types: primary and secondary recurrent insomnia.

Primary Insomnia

Main sleeplessness is not because of any medical conditions or medications and scientists have little understanding. For the study of this disease, advanced MRI scans are used. Primary insomnia can be associated with changes in certain brain chemicals, but there is ongoing research.

Secondary Insomnia

However certain circumstances or events cause secondary insomnia. So in other words, it involves symptoms that go hand in hand with some medical problems, such as emotional stress, trauma and permanent health concerns.

Understanding Chronic Insomnia Symptoms

Therefore chronic insomnia can cause both night and day symptoms and affect the ability to perform daily tasks.

Symptoms may consist of:

  • However due to trouble falling asleep
  • Because having woken up at the night
  • So much trouble staying asleep
  • Therefore facing trouble returning to sleep
  • So for waking up too early
  • Therefore in daytime grogginess
  • Because having irritability
  • So mood changes, such as feeling depressed
  • However difficulty concentrating
  • Because problems with memory
  • So increase in mistakes and accidents

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Understanding Chronic Insomnia Causes

A lot can cause chronic insomnia, but it is often linked to a medical condition. Some drugs and stimulants along with lifestyle patterns may cause chronic insomnia.

Chronic insomnia can be caused by a number of these illness conditions, including:

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