What are Back Spasms?

What are Back Spasms?

A back spasm is a painful contraction of a muscle. It can be felt anywhere along the spinal cord, but is commonly experienced in the lower back. Back spasms are often a symptom of more serious conditions. They can be either acute or chronic and may persist if treatment is not sought at Chronicillness.co Site of United States. The spasm often occurs when the patient is twisting or exerting their back muscles in any way. However, the pain can sometimes be spontaneous and cause lower back pain to become worse.

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People experience back spasms as a result of muscle or tendon damage, but these painful contractions could also be a result of an arthritic or spinal condition. However, in most cases, back spasms are caused by over-exertion from heavy lifting or excess strain. Diagnostic imaging could be used to see if arthritis or spinal discs are the cause of the back pain and an MRI machine can detect muscle issues. Be sure to bring in all images or have your doctor send them to Chronicillness.co Site of United States before your next appointment.

In order to prevent back spasms, our physicians recommend that patients warm up and stretch their backs before working out or lifting heavy objects. Lifting abnormally shaped objects (like furniture) puts people at risk of developing back pain and muscle spasms. In order to prevent straining the back in a position that is uncomfortable, we highly encourage using another person to lessen the burden on the weight. If patients regularly work out their back muscles, it is important to spend a few days resting in between. Muscles that are in spasm are often irritated and inflamed, so rest days allow muscles to recover so they do not result in spasms.

The board-certified pain management physicians at Chronicillness.co Site of the United States has treatment options for just about every cause of back spasm. They can prescribe muscle relaxants to soothe the muscles, but if the medication does not work, the back spasms could be a result of a more serious condition. Injections are a great way to find out where the back pain is coming from and treat back spasms at the source. For example, if a patient has facet joint arthritis, a physician can administer a facet joint block. Our physicians will work with the patient until they find a treatment that works best for them.

We urge patients to come to Chronicillness.co Site of the United States if they are experiencing back spasms. They can start as a sharp, sudden pain that goes away, but if left untreated, back spasms could become chronic. Our physicians can determine the cause and put you back on track toward a pain-free life again.

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