Understanding Why You Wake Up with a Migraine Pain

By: Researcher Taymur

One of the most uncomfortable ways to start the day must be to wake up to a throbbing migraine attack.

It’s not really unusual, as painful and inconvenient as it is to wake up with a migraine attack. The early hours of the morning are a common time to start migraine attacks, according to the American Migraine Foundation.

Many migraine triggers occur due to your sleep schedule or while you’re asleep, making your day’s early hours a period when you’re especially prone to migraine pain.

Keep reading to learn why this is happening and if there is anything you can do to treat migraine attacks when you get up to greet your day.

Understanding Migraine in Morning Attacks

There are several potential causes for migraine attacks in the morning.

1st is Sleeping Patterns

How much sleep you get each night is a powerful predictor of how likely you are in the morning to get a migraine attack.

Indeed, one study estimates that 50% of people with migraine also have insomnia.

According to the same study, 38 percent of people with migraine attacks sleep for less than 6 hours per night and at least half reported sleep disturbances.

Snoring and grinding your teeth are conditions that can affect your sleep quality.

2nd is Mental Health Conditions

Researches has been showed that linked has been in depression and anxiety.

It’s not difficult to understand all the ways that waking up with a migraine attack plays a role in your mental health: waking up with daily pain will make a difficult experience each day, which in turn affects your depression.

Depression also affects your sleep patterns and makes you more vulnerable to migraine attacks.

3rd is Hormones and Medications

The natural hormonal pain that your body produces (endorphins) is at its lowest levels in the early hours of the morning. This means that if you have migraine, it will be early in the morning when the most severe pain is felt.

Usually it is also the time of day when any pain medicines or stimulants used to treat migraine pain will have worn off and cease to have their effect.

4th is Genetics

Many researchers believe that there is a genetic cause of migraine. This means that if, in the morning, other people in your family report migraine attacks, it is more likely that you will also have them.

Migraine may also share the same triggers in families.

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5th is Dehydration and Caffeine Withdrawal

Approximately one-third of migraine attackers notice dehydration as a cause.

Clearly, while you’re sleeping, you can’t drink water, so waking up dehydrated may be a reason why people are more susceptible to morning migraine attacks.

The morning’s wee hours also tend to mark a full day since the last time you fix your caffeine. Coffee and other forms of caffeine dilate your brain’s blood vessels to relieve tension. Yet loss of caffeine was associated with migraine attacks.

Understanding Migraine Treatments

Care of migraines focuses on relieving pain and preventing future migraine attacks.

Morning migraine care may include pain relievers over-the-counter (OTC), such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen, as the first line of defense.

Home Remedies

You may also want to look at migraine home remedies like:

  • gentle exercise, such as yoga
  • stress-reduction techniques
  • warm compresses on your head
  • warm showers and baths

You may want to start carefully monitoring your fluid intake and diet in order to prevent future migraine attacks. The first step towards preventing migraine attacks is to work to identify triggers. Keep a journal with your doctor about your symptoms.

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