Types of Unique and Special Treatments for Mesothelioma that Helps in Cure

By Researcher: James Robber

CAMs include non-conventional approaches to pleural mesothelioma control and side effects on the treatment of cancer. Complementary and complementary medicines

Alternative medicines or community-based clinics can provide CAM services in either a medical practice or a cancer center, but they are often refused.

Several studies have shown that alternative treatments can prevent or treat the disease for mesothelioma.

But such methods can improve life expectancy, reduce symptoms, and help the health of those who are diagnosed with the conventional treatments of mesothelioma, such as chemical therapy, radiation therapy, surgery and immunotherapy.

Unique and Special Treatments for Mesothelioma

  • Mind-body manipulation (such like bio input, meditation and relaxing)
  • Power treatment such as Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reiki
  • Movement and movement Treatment such as Yoga and tai chi
  • Traditional therapeutic approaches such as acupuncture, ayurveda’s and aromatherapy
  • Effective techniques such like massaging, craniosacred therapy, contact cure and TENS.

It’s unique to each patient. For every person with mesothelioma, no complementary or alternative treatment or approach works.

Alternative Treatment Options

Acupuncture, Ayurveda’s and Aromatherapy are among the most popular alternative medical systems.

1st is Acupuncture

A clinical trial on acupuncture were reviewed by the World Health Organization and concluded to be successful in the treatment of adverse chemotherapy and medical reactions such as nausea, vomiting, discomfort and insomnia.

A National Cancer Institute review for 2019 states that acupuncture has taken place in the United States for approximately two hundred years and cancer patients are using it for the treatment of nausea and vomiting, exhaustion, hot flashes, dry mouth, nerve damage, anxiety, depression and sleep problems.

2nd is Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a healthcare system that combines the spirit and structure of the body. This can be achieved by tailoring herbal treatments and dietary prescriptions, as well as regular yoga or breathing.

Ayurvedic medicinal practice is the source of Moringa and turmeric popular anti-cancer plants.

3rd is Aromatherapy

The aim of aromatherapy with cancer is to enhance physical, emotional and spiritual health with scented essential oil. The oils come from plants like lavender, peppermint, camomile, frankincense and rose.

The perfumes are breathed into the skin or into bathwater. It has not been proved that aromatherapy prevents or cures cancer, but it can improve living efficiency and relieve symptoms.

The essential oils of Rosa Damascena enhanced sleep quality in cancer patients in a complementary therapy trial in clinical practice in 2019.

Therapy Treatment Options

Such methods include the treatment of the body through touch or direct stimulation of energy.

1st is Massage

Massages of deep tissue, bowenwork, Swedish, thermal stone and reflexology are various types of. Massage is not going to treat mesothelioma but may decrease pain.

An integrative cancer therapy meta-analyzes of 12 massage and cancer pain studies showed that massage therapy decreased cancer pain dramatically relative to no massage or traditional treatment. The most effective treatment was reflexology (foot massage).

2nd is Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral treatment is the gentle handling of the skull and sacrum bones (lower back). Craniosacral care Craniosacral methods can be used by osteopathic physicians, chiropractors, therapists or massage therapist.

There are currently no controlled craniosacral therapy trials to treat patients with cancer. Proponents however claim that stress management and relaxation can be improved.

3rd is Healing Touch

Nurses with special training are given a healing touch and supportive touch. Such methods are not intended to treat or cure mesothelioma, although studies show that the health care contact can reduce pain caused by cancer.

4th is TENS

Regarding pain management, low-voltage electric currents are used to activate the transcutaneous nerve (TENS). Electrodes around the pain region are connected to the body, and electrical currents activate nerves to block normal pain signals.

The electric current can also lead to the brain releasing endorphins, the natural pain killers in the body. TENS therapy is licensed by the FDA and certain insurance policies are available at home.

Complementary Treatment Options

Mind-body approaches use the mind’s energy to relieve and reduce cancer signs and consequences.

1st is Biofeedback

A biofeedback therapist is used for the treatment of diseases such as pleural mesotheliomas with a patient biofeedback therapy.

Technicians of biofeedback add electrodes to the skin of a patient and feedback is provided on a display. Patients use rest, visualization and other behavioral strategies for regulating seen responses such as muscle tension, heart rate and skin temperature.

Patients can learn how to reduce stress, pain or anxiety with this instruction.

J.R. survivor of plaural mesothelioma. Hypnotherapy, hypnotics and imaging were used by O’Connor to reduce stress in his life. “I take steps to reduce it, as far as possible, because stress is able to drive or at least foster cancer,” says O’Connor.

The latest evaluation of relaxation, visualization and meditation studies have shown how these methods can decrease nausea, vomiting, pain, tiredness, anxiety and depressive symptoms. Meditation, imagery and calming strategies A 2017

These and other behavioral treatments can also improve life satisfaction and have a positive impact on immune function and stress biomarkers.

2nd is Prayer

Prayer and other spiritual activities can give cancer sufferers relief and hope.

Judy Glezinski, a pleural survivor for 18 years of mesothelioma, used daily prayer to help relieve stress. “I spend some time in meditation, so that’s a lot of help to me,” she said.

3rd is Energy Therapies

Practitioners in energy therapy do not typically touch patients. They may instead move their hands around a patient just over the body, focusing on “unblocked” energy areas.

The Japanese energy treatment Jin Shin Jyutsu. Cancer has not been effectively treated but can benefit cancer patients and their health care providers.

A small study of Jin Shin Jyutsu trained nurses found that they can use it as a method for reducing physical and emotional stress and improving the efficiency of care services.

In a 2011 Journal of Holistic Nursing in breast cancer patients, this approach indicates enhanced daily life and adaptation practices— the ability to face challenging health and well-being problems.

4th is Reiki

A Reiki therapy man is a holistic form of medicine called energy healing.

Reiki is America’s most common strength therapy. Many practitioners have attended workshops for weekends to learn the basic techniques for energy healing in Reiki.

In a 2016 study in complementary therapy of 26 cancer survivors in clinical practice, restaurant yoga care was found to be more effective than restorative yoga alone in achieving profound relaxation rates.

5th is Movement Therapies

Yoga and tai chi are more effective than physical health practices and motions. Therapists also confirm better mental and emotional health as well.

Clinical studies of yoga’s effects on cancer patients showed that radiation therapy would improve their quality of life. Tai chi may help to promote the body’s capacity to combat tumor formation in 2013 cancer nursing study of patients with lung cancer.

Cancer Care Team Involvement

The proper combination of normal and supportive treatments will allow you to live better after your mesothelioma diagnosis. Involve the carcinogenic treatment team in order to benefit safely from all of the mesothelioma CAM therapies. We can help you to evaluate objectively the advantages and disadvantages of additional and alternative mesothelioma therapies.

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