Treating Fibromyalgia and CFS by Playing Video Games

By: Dr Alex Robber

Fibromyalgia is a severe biological illness characterized by a profound physical and cognitive exhaustion, post-exertion malaise, Myalgic, Encephalomylitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME / CFS). Therefore pacing is a common strategy for the management of available energy and complete everyday activities; however, little research has explored this as a strategy to increase the level of physical activity. People with ME / CFS typically face unique barriers to participation in physical activity and are less physically active than healthy colleagues. Similarly as such, they are more susceptible to physical effects of inactivity. Because active video games can be a viable and acceptable way of providing an intervention for physical activity through the removal of many of the report.

I know it seems strange, but research video games indicate that so it is possible that we need to relieve our symptoms by fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. Studies showed that video games can help these patients;

1st Games on virtual reality can reduce pain by distracting the brain of the patient.

2nd The games can contribute to criticism, according to the annual convention shows of the American Psychological Association.

Another way to support this type of games is to give people with disabilities something to do throughout the day. I know how boring sometimes it can be, and I like to have some sort of activity in my computer.

Indeed, the fast-growing research shows that video games can help both the cognitive effects of ageing and neurological conditions.

Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome can include many problems including: A host of symptoms including:

  • 1st (short-term) memory problems
  • 2nd Inability to multiple tasks
  • 3rd Difficulties in learning new skills
  • 4th Language problems such as forgetting common words or having difficulty understanding and because retaining the spoken language can often be referred to as fibro fog or brain fog.

However, many cognitive symptoms are comparable to FMS, and study has shown that mechanisms are the same or comparable. Specifically, chronic fatigue syndrome video games were not examined.

Understanding Fibromyalgia and Games

By the middle of 2014, we were only looking at video games and FMS in one research.

However it indicates moving videogames like Nintendo, Move and Microsoft Xbox Kinect can have several advantages for us. They also suggest that moving video games can help.

Therefore researchers held five sessions on each system and assessed their symptoms before and after. They claim that the games distracted both pain and exercise. Participants said the PS3 was too quick, Xbox was the best practice and the Wii was very slow.

Similarly, The students point out that we often find exercise counterintuitive, as it improves pain–something that not everyone recognizes. Above all you point out that games like these can provide a pleasant type of practice in low impact that can have advantages beyond cognitive function.

It could assist you examine what the study says on other neurological diseases and because the healthy brain through such restricted data on how these games affect FMS and ME / CFS.

Research on aging is also crucial because certain study indicates that precocious aging can lead to cognitive dysfunction in FMS.

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Understanding Healthy Brains

One important issue is, what kinds of cognitive functions are changing video games?

Therefore 15 hours of play have enhanced real world efficiency in activities connected with in-game assignments but in another area of understanding in a research on casual video-games (meaning games not intended for enhancing cognitive ability). This implies that games that need to be memorized improve but not math or thinking.

In the same research, those with the smallest thinking capacity at the start showed the most profit in matches which needed reasoning.

However, a research of action-based video games has shown therefore that certain kinds of games can lead to wider modifications in brain function.

Therefore researchers have mentioned previous research to show the velocity of perceptual processing increased by action games. So, You wanted to see if this enhancement extended to “cognitive flexibility,” which is the capacity for you to restructure understanding in various respects as things change.

However they discovered that games highlighting the fast switching between various data sources and action seem to increase cognitive flexibility by considering various real-world functions.

Due to “Brain plasticity” also focuses on how well your brain can develop fresh ways of reacting to learning, behavioral modifications, your environment and so forth. Therefore video games can add to the advantage that your brain is being sufficiently distracted to reduce your pain perception.

So, Do you play video games and do you take away your pain? What is the best video game for you? By commenting, let me know!

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