Top 7 Tips to Fight with Fibromyalgia

What is Fibromyalgia?

“Fibromyalgia is a chronic painful condition characterized by pain in the different muscles, ligaments, and tendons; fatigue; and multiple tender points on the whole body.”

Signs and symptoms of Fibromyalgia:

  1. Widespread pain and stiffness
  2. Fatigue or trouble
  3. Sleeping
  4. Paresthesia (tingling)
  5. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  6. Skin sensitivity
  7. Heightened sensitivity to noises, bright lights, smells
  8. Depression
  9. Headaches
  10. Pain after erection
  11. Memory lapses
  12. Concentrating
  13. Restless leg syndrome
  14. Dizziness
  15. Anxiety
  16. Hemorrhoids

However, the trouble is that Fibromyalgia seems to be very special unique to each person: how it comes on, what symptoms are present, what helps said symptoms.

There is also a debate as to whether trigger points are present in Fibromyalgia or part of a separate issue called MPS Myofascial Pain Syndrome. A lot of the above symptoms overlap with a lot of different conditions.

Top Seven Tips for Fighting Fibromyalgia

I have been fighting Fibromyalgia for nearly my whole life and have been diagnosed since I was in my early 2011. I have actively fought it, researched and practiced trial and error on myself for the past seven years here are top six tips – you might say I have saved you several years of research!

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  1. Make yourself strong with knowledge – know the beast you are fighting and what works for others also know.
  2. Sleep is queen of every disease – for us at least, sleep is the foundation and pillar upon which all else sits, but it is the hardest battle and fight we have face daily.
  3. Priorities rest and directly says that we all love meditation (given we struggle with sleep and we cannot nap at all, meditation has been a life-saver)
  4. Sort out your body Pain Management – the good news is there are hundred thousands of options (not an confirm or exact figure!) the specific good news is that it would take us a long time to trial all of these things!
  5. Get some support – we can’t do this alone. Humans are social and phyiscal lover creatures. Sometimes we have to faced with little support in physical life – so we turn to virtual connections.
  6. Have Fibro and do it anyway – make goals for your new life. Make yourself strong and ready to fight back and back
  7. Like our facebook page and join our group for all fibro support.

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Dr Alex Robber

Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. Researchers believe that fibromyalgia amplifies painful sensations by affecting the way your brain and spinal cord process painful and nonpainful signals.

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