Top 5 Dangerous types of Insomnia

Insomnia and its dangerous types.
A sleeping disorder, patient faces difficulties during sleep and staying asleep. Any patient with insomnia having one or more symptoms, insomnia patient once he/she waking up face difficulties going back to bed for sleep.

Types of Insomnia
1- Acute insomnia
2- chronic insomnia
3- onset insomnia.
4- comorbid condition of insomnia.
5- maintenance insomnia.

Acute insomnia.
Regular episode of facing difficulty in sleeping. Acute insomnia is mostly caused by a life event, such as a painful change occur in a person’s job, any bad news heard, or lived in worse condition. some how acute insomnia sort out without any treatment.

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Chronic insomnia.
some time longer period of time insomic patient having difficulty in sleeping. mostly considered chronic patient of insomnia facing difficulty and trouble falling or staying asleep at least with or more than three nights per week for three month or more than three month. Some of chronic insomnia patient having a endless record of difficulty in sleeping.

Onset insomnia.
Onset insomnia condition facing difficulties at the bigning of the night.

Comorbid condition of insomnia.
Comorbid insomnia occur with other condition like anxiety and depression. they are known and link with changes in sleep.Mostly people with anxeity and depression having stress in life and tend limit their daily activites make a person uncomfortable at night. In the case of swelling, arthritis or pain condition, these conditions may make it hard to sleep.

Maintenance insomnia.
it is a difficulty staying in asleep, or patient awake too early and facing difficulties to get back to sleep.People with maintenance insomnia wake up early at night and have difficulty returning back to sleep.

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