Things in your Chronic Survival Pack You Should have

By: Dr Alex Robber

A Chronic Pain survivor shared us these related details to chronic survival pack. In the event of an emergency, we asked people to add items to the list containing few items which all should keep in their pack. Their ideas and needs were brought up.

This is the community that shares this with us:

1. Every physician has their own website and I stick the card at the bottom right-hand corner instead of a doctors ‘ card or ER, and the correct corner of the bottom left-hand corner is where the physician is (I hold this book for my wife and daughter too) and at the top of the page I have a doctor’s details and a Fax. The addresses, first appointment, therapy and next plan option are also mentioned. I’ve also mentioned my husband’s medicine in my medicine and so hot and farms that we have medical problems. Next book is the Journal for lower dollars. I follow up my strange periods and see my gynecologist therein. I’m taking all those books! I didn’t mention my schedule

2.  A coke syrup bottle operates for nausea ten times better. Dissolve faster and enter the blood system faster in place of the snack a bottle of glucose tabs. For absence of moisture and eyes mask to rest if my eyes are too light-sensitive, I’d add humidifying lip baffles and eye drops.

3. A nice massage balsam for painful muscles (such as arnica or natural menthol). I would take Gatorade or Pedialyte instead of simple water, so that I can maintain my electrolytes and maintain them hydrated.

4. A notice to inform anyone that discovers me about my medical alert bracelet and contact with an emergency

5. Pee spritz pads, tissue to handle the permanent emotional ring and, of course, some dark chocolate to soothe my soul.

6. Carmex all the time for dry lips.

7. Additional t-shirts, bra and underwear

8. Sun glasses, Vicadin tissues and heat pack.

9. Knee 2 bandages, bracelets and eye pain lenses

10. Tissue, sunblock, large sarong scarf, hat, eye drops and clothes changing.

11. Add to the list: the toilet paper, wipes, ass cream, spray in a room, adult clothes, a pair of underwear, leggings or other cute trousers, baskets (to disposal of mess), socks, hand sanitizer, bottle of acetaminophen.

12. I have big make-up bags in my working bag, with plasters, painkillers, waterproof toilet wipes, deodorants, perfumes, makeup, fog, hand gel, bobbles, hairbrush, telephone, eBook loader, keys to the disabled toilet important, card with my ICE data, and a diary. I didn’t bring my survival bag to hospital on Wednesday, because I had to remain in and out the same day, but my phone was dead, and the lessons I learned from it! I did not bring my survival bag with me.

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13. I got a fan powered by the battery that I always keep with me. All the time I get hot and cant. For me, it’s a need. My inhalers and oxygen. Water ice, my walker, a sprinkle of a dry mouth. Band helps because I bleed on my arms readily.

14.  Wet wipes, emergency medicine, day medicines, dry shampoo, make up, eye drops, toothpaste, toothbrush, light weight long sleeve shirt, leggings, comb, brush, charger, tissues, gum, Gatorade, water, sunglasses, glasses, salt tabs, glucose tabs, pulse ox, saline, heparin, lotion, band aids, deodorant, hair ties, magazine, word search, nail clippers, heating pad, q tips, tampons, cottonseed wipes, mouthwash, hand sanitize, notebook, colored pencils, crayons, and whatever else I can think of. My bad things normally remain in my vehicle or bed because every 8 weeks, I end up in the hospital, like clockwork.

15. Patches in the tiger balm, aids in the group, medicines, heart burn / gas chewing, sun glasses, deodorants, sweat shirt, bottle of fibromyalgia cream and a book. I’ve got EDS and everything in me can be much easier. I’m using a big bag.

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