“The cure” reflects real life with Fibromyalgia Three Ways of Lady Gaga

By Casey. Lady Gaga’s headlines in 2017 were dominant, after revealing her fibromyalgia and chronic pain difficulties. I immediately began to wonder how Lady Gaga’s chronic illness could impact her music, as someone who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at age 11. Cue Lady Gaga is the cure. There is certainly a lot of ways to perform the lyrics of Lady Gaga now, as with any song, and I won’t analyze all lines.

Nevertheless, I have found a few ways that Lady Gaga’s “The Cure” seems to reflect fibromyalgia’s life reality… and three reasons why Lady Gaga’s “The Cure” might be a valid song for fibromyalgia’s and their friends.

We sometimes need help with small things – and those who take the time to offer it appreciate it.

The track begins with the line: “Your song will be undressed and Lady Gaga sings, ‘ I will take care of your feet, hands, legs, babe, close eyes. I’m going to be singing your favorite track, I’ve been writing this lullaby for you.” This is the track that begins.

How can these words relate to fibromyalgia then? Well, one of the most frustrating facts about chronic pain is how difficult a job can be. I’m extremely happy that my fibromyalgia pain isn’t as bad as it was once thanks to various lifestyle changes. But even small things I do every day, like replying to emails, going to school or cooking my own food, when I’m hit with a fibromyalgia, can feel nearly impossible.

Not only this, but when that happens in those days it is almost necessary to receive assistance from a dear person or friend to work as closely as I can. Personally, my fibromyalgia is usually the hardest in my shoulders, back and neck… and in bad days, someone’ rubbing’ those areas and’ treating‘ pain is the best gift that I could ever get. I imagine that many other warriors of fibromyalgia hearing the song of Lady Gaga feel the same way in a bad flare up.

2. Living with a chronic disease – AKA, an untreated disease – is hard for freakin … everyone involved.

I’d probably say something like, if I had to sum up what is meant by Lady Gaga’s “The cure,” it’s like, “that someone sings to a loved one who (literally, metaphorically or both) and tries to ease his pain.”

Fibromyalgia is one of the most challenging things because, as a chronic condition, you have no’ cure,’ medications or supplementation for fibromyalgia can help people to experience less chronic pain or fatigue, and lifestyle changes (such as finding the best nutritional diet and exercise plans for you). Just like Lady Gaga sings, however, researchers are “not yet able to find a cure” for fibromyalgia.

As disgusting as I know you might live in pain for the rest of your life, loved ones and friends can experience a similar heartbreak, at least in my experience. I know my mother’s pain (because we’ve both got fibromyalgia) would take in a heartbeat if that meant I’d live painlessly. I also saw how frustrated my father feels when Mom and I hurt, and no “cure” can be offered.

When I listen to ‘ The Cure, ‘ when I go through fibromyalgia flare, I feel like I’m listened to what a loved one has said: not only will they help me – they promise to be ‘ right by [ me ] side ‘ – but also they desperate to help me feel more comfortable, whether I cry in pain and ask if it’s wrong to want to be normal, or I have a good day of pain and claim to be ‘ good. ‘

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3. Love may not actually “heal” someone with fibromyalgia – but it can greatly affect our quality of life.

The text I’ve most been thinking about in relation to fibromyalgia in “The Cure” is hands-on, “I’ll fix you with my love” and “Promise I’ll be the healer (be the cure).”

In fibromyalgia, on the one hand, the word “fix” bothers me because people suffering from fibromyalgia cannot be “fixed up” (or made 100% better), just because they have the support of their beloved. I don’t even know whether people like me can get “fixed,” although steps to improve symptoms of fibromyalgia can be done drastically. Likewise, more than’ love’ is needed for a “treatment,” as great as that sort of fairytale healing is when it comes to chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia.

I also think that these tests indicate, on the other hand, how important support for the fibromyalgia person can be. Fibromyalgia, as with other invisible diseases, has no symptoms that are easily seen (although I have been showing signs of fibromyalgia that people can “see” in this popular blog post). We look “normal” in almost constant pain, and we can discredit our chronic disease easily because of our normal appearance. Even close friends or immediate relatives of fibromyalgia people sometimes doubt that their illness is true.

When people believe our invisible pain, therefore, and try to make sure that we live with fibromyalgia as pain free as possible… well, it might not be “fixed” or “healed,” but it definitely improves our quality of life. Diverse studies have found that quality social support can improve pain management and other fibromyalgia symptoms for people suffering from fibromyalgia.

As a consequence, I can’t help but smile when I hear Lady Gaga belting “The Cure” since I always remember what a wonderful supportive system I have in my life. My parents constantly cheer me on the challenges of going to grade school with a chronic disease and will hear my voices. My best friends, who are always trying to cater for my fibro-myalgia, even if they don’t really understand it. The previous friends who showed me that, regardless of chronic sicknesses, I’m still worthy and capable of love. And my fellow warriors, of course… Lady Gaga. And of course, my fellow warriors.

The Bottom Line

I don’t think I will ever know what influences “The Cure” has in combination, and I’m sure that the people have heard and translated these lyrics in a whole lot to match their own struggles in life. However, I know that I found important truths concerning love and the chronic disease in the relationship between the lyrics in the Cure and aspects of living with fibromyalgia.

And although this song may not “heal” anything for the long-term, this can certainly be an effective fix for flare-ups when I feel lonely and need to remember how much the world has to offer love, support and chronic disease solidarity. This is the perfect soundtrack of a self-loving solo dance party not to mention!

What do you think of “The Cure” by Lady Gaga? To which songs you’re lately jamming? In the comments, tell me! Tell me.

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