The Benefits of Support Groups

At Site of United States, the pain specialists understand that there are multiple avenues in which to treat chronic pain. Alternative therapies like support groups can be combined with clinical therapies like injections, minimally invasive procedures, medications, and other treatments to best benefit the chronic pain patient.

For anyone dealing with chronic pain, sometimes it may seem like you are the only one out there who is going through a difficult time. But this is not true. Support groups and group therapy are great tools for helping patients cope with their everyday pain and the overwhelming emotions that sometimes come along with it.

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Belonging to a support group is beneficial because when a patient realizes another person has similar experiences, this helps the patient understand that they are not alone in struggling with their pain. A support group is able to help identify and deal with changes that happen when living with chronic pain. With the encouragement and support of a support group, members are better able to understand the fears, barriers, and difficulties of living with chronic pain. Support groups also allow patients with negative issues to change to positive ones such as pain management and finding hope and a purpose to live.

Many times a cure for chronic pain may not be realistic. In this case, the focus of a support group may become managing chronic pain, and all the steps involved in doing this, including the treatment plan discussed with a pain management specialist.

For those interested in starting a support group, the first step is finding the website relating to your specific pain condition and researching to see if there is a support group in your area. If there is not, local advertising can attract attention to a new group. There may be other chronic pain sufferers in the area willing to pitch in and help bring people together.

Group therapy is another good idea that helps patients get in contact with other people dealing with chronic pain. Supportive psychotherapy is the most powerful and therapeutic aspect of this activity. Patients have time to share their experiences with one another and talk about the effects of chronic pain on their work lives, relationships, hobbies, and their day-to-day activities. Patients can also share positive coping skills they have used or learned. Skills taught during the classes may include focused breathing, muscle relaxation, and guided imagery. These can all help patients decrease anxiety and pain levels. Another helpful activity is problem-solving with other patients on ways to decrease pain and cope with the consequences of chronic pain.

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