The ABC’s of treating inflammation in fibromyalgia and CFS/ME

You might read in a book or article that fibromyalgia is not an inflammatory condition. The problem is that it’s not the whole truth. In fact, some of the primary symptoms in fibromyalgia tend to contribute to inflammation, some directly, some indirectly. 

I often say that this is one of the most complex conditions of our modern time, and statements made about fibro are simply not so cut and dry. 

First, we note that inflammation can occur for many reasons. Response to healing can trigger inflammation, auto immune conditions, allergies or foreign invaders, stress, and more. Let’s focus on the inflammatory factors AND the ABC’s of treating inflammation in fibromyalgia and CFS/ME

Potential Causes of Inflammation in Fibromyalgia 


One symptom that we often talk about here at living smarter is costochondritis. Just by the “itis” you will know it is inflammatory, but you will also know this if you have experienced it personally, and I know it’s likely you have. 

Costochondritis can cause radiating and stabbing pain around the rib cage and chest area, front and back. The cartilage and connective tissues can become inflamed. The pain and inability to breathe without pain often sends people to the emergency room the first time they experience it.

I talk about this symptom often to give you a better idea of how to distinguish this and any other chest or heart related issues. As always, we don’t want to miss another condition all together. 

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Trigger Points 

Another symptom we focus on often here is triggers points. These are different than tender points in fibromyalgia, because they tend to radiate pain. They can also lead to inflammation
When we map out individual trigger points on a fibro body, it can look like a war zone. We can have many trigger points all over depending on many factors, like how effective our treatment plan is. 

With fibromyalgia, a few of the most vulnerable areas for trigger points are the head, upper back and neck, and the legs. 

When pain and inflammation are not properly treated through the least invasive means, then trigger points can more easily occur over time. The link above will tell you more if needed.

Neuro-inflammation in CFS/ME

If you have the primary co-condition to fibromyalgia called CFS/ME like I do, then you likely know that inflammation around the brain stem is another symptom, and this is why symptoms in CFS/ME can more easily occur around the head and upper body. 

CFS/ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) has been implicated in contributing to inflammation around the brain, causing everything from cognitive impairment to head pain, fatigue, and swollen glands. I cite more information here … Neuro-inflammation and CFS/ME.

Our ABC’s for treating inflammation in fibromyalgia


Here is the “A” in our ABC’s of treating inflammation naturally. A natural antioxidant, astaxanthin is powerful in the fight against inflammation that can occur in any part of the body and brain. This is a powerful remedy that we use in our protocol.

Generally 4-8 mg. is enough, especially when combined with our other remedies. Let me put it this way, I don’t like to depend on just one thing, for many reasons, including tolerance and overall benefit. Life Extension brand which I use is shown below. 


The “B” stands for Boswelia. OR if you’re being silly, it’s “you’re not the boss of me!!” 
If you have fibromyalgia, joint pain, inflammation, and have never tried a quality brand of Boswelia, it might be worth your time.

Boswelia is often recommended for various types of arthritis.

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Sunsoil Organic CBD oil 

The “C” stands for CBD oil. We have many cannabinoid receptors all over our body. Even when you don’t feel it working, it is likely doing more than you think, from reducing inflammation to reducing and balancing blood sugar, and protecting organs like the heart and lungs

I partnered with Sunsoil after many years of trying different brands. I like the price point, the organic label, the not too strong taste, and the rigorous testing.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Fibromyalgia 

I often address dietary principles, instead of “diets” I do believe that there is not ONE diet for fibromyalgia. That said, we will all do better to adapt a dietary plan that is best for us individually, considering factors such as root issues and food allergies. Treating inflammation with diet will be different for each person. 

Here I detail some of these principles, but if you follow here, we also address these in live interactives as well.

What about ginger for inflammation?

Ok, I know it’s not part of the ABC’s, but I love using ginger. I drink it in tea, slice or shred it for recipes, and take ginger shots when I need a shot of spicy goodness

I use ginger, but not turmeric. You may often hear me talk about why I don’t use turmeric extracts. You see, when we have mercury poisoning (only shown by hair analysis) well, turmeric can move mercury around the body and brain. 

I know it is heavily promoted, and some of you will be fine taking it, but I would always advise getting a hair analysis if you are not sure. Even though I had my mercury fillings taken out 20 years ago, mercury can still settle in places like the brain and other organs. Taking turmeric supplements is not right for everyone. 

Also if you have any previous history of gallbladder disease or gallstones (with OR without a gallbladder), then you need to know that turmeric extracts can move bile too fast in a sensitive person or with too potent of a dosage. 

How I take the ABC’s for inflammation

Let’s take today for example. So far, I have taken the A, the C, and the G. 

I have taken about one dropper of the Sunsoil CBD oil, one capsule of Astaxanthin, and some ginger. I like the synergy of how these works together.

Treating inflammation naturally should really be part of our weekly routine. The bottom line is that yes, there are a few inflammation factors in fibromyalgia and its primary co-conditions, and we cannot neglect that, especially as we are all aging and dealing with many variables in the physical

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