Symptoms that your joint pain is linked to Fibromyalgia
Symptoms that your joint pain is linked to Fibromyalgia

Symptoms that your joint pain is linked to Fibromyalgia

We can get confused and amazed at the same time by seeing our bodies to be perfect mechanisms. At times, even specialists can’t get to know what is happening in our bodies. Still, there are some mysteries that need to be solved.

Sometimes, the most common things seem to be mysterious and it feels like how much work has been done on it by researchers, it will never going to solve.

A lot of people suffer from joint pain and the majority of people encounter this pain at least once in their life. However, if your joint pain turns into chronic pain for about months, you need to go to the doctor to check the reason behind this chronic pain.

The causes of that lead towards joint pain can sometimes be very odd and mysterious.

Major conditions that cause joint pain

A lot of conditions cause joint pain. Some conditions are related to muscles, some to the bones and their structures, and others is related to nerves that get pinched, due to which lit leads to pain.

Following are some conditions that cause joint pain:

  1. Arthritis is a condition that is much known to everyone and millions of people are suffering from it. It has many forms and has many names. At times, it can be an autoimmune disease e.g. rheumatoid arthritis is caused because the body’s autoimmune cells attack the joints. There are a lot of cases in which arthritis is linked to joints.
  2. Your muscles are connected to your bones by the cords called tendons. When these tendons become inflamed, the pain starts to occur and this condition is called “tendonitis”. There are a lot of exercises and treatments for different areas in which tendonitis has occurred. These exercises and treatments help to reduce the pain.
  3. Sprains or strains are quite common and people misunderstand it. These occur during some physical exercises when you exercise too quickly, or when your body is not controlled properly or isn’t warmed up before exercise. It can also occur when too much pressure is applied to joints.Home treatments are done for sprains and much of the time they do not require any medical attention.
  4. Almost majority of the people suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. Everyone feels fatigued but when this fatigue occurs for a very long time and without any known reason, you need to consult your doctor to check if this can be a chronic fatigue syndrome.Moreover, fatigue and malaise have a lot of symptoms and joint pain is one those symptoms.
  5. Widespread muscle pain is one of the most misunderstood illness. It is one of the most distressing symptoms of fibromyalgia that people are having and joint pain may also occur. At times, arthritis seems to come up with a co-morbid condition of fibromyalgia as well.

How to know you have fibromyalgia

It cannot happen that you diagnose your problem on the basis of only one symptom (joint pain), as this symptom is common to a lot of other diseases as well. You cannot just diagnose fibromyalgia on the basis of this. In order to know if you have fibromyalgia, it is better to consult a specialist.

The specialist will analyze all your symptoms and examine 18 tender points in your body. Out of 18 tender points, a patient should have pain in at least 11 of these points to be diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Recently, this rule has been denied and a lot of doctors are not following it.

Moreover, a blood test has been developed to diagnose fibromyalgia and it is proved to be effective. But the main fact is that it is out of range of many people and many insurance companies haven’t covered it yet.

Also, it takes a lot of time to diagnose fibromyalgia. As doctors get confused about its symptoms because there are a lot of symptoms that seem similar to other disease’s symptoms. So, fibromyalgia often gets misdiagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, depression, and also myofascial pain syndrome.

There are a lot of treatments for fibromyalgia and they vary a lot like the symptoms. Some medications have proved to be effective for fibromyalgia, as they help in alleviating pain. But, still, there is no cure for this condition.

Along with medication, a change in lifestyle is recommended by doctors and attending physical therapy too. Yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation are also used by a lot of people with fibromyalgia because they think their pain gets reduced by it. Acupuncture is also considered to be effective for fibromyalgia patients, as this treatment is also used in numerous other chronic pains. If you want to try this one, choose a professional who has been authorized for this.

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