Stories about people who have gone into Fibromyalgia Remission

We love hearing stories about people who have gone into Fibromyalgia remission. So here at But You Look So Healthy, we have decided to seek out those people! Most doctors give little to no hope or guidance on how to feel better. Who better than to ask about feeling better than the experts themselves? No, not the doctors, but the people who have managed to figure it out themselves and live it!

Today we talk to Dawn from New York about her Fibromyalgia journey and how she stays healthy after living in pain for years.

BYLSH: How long have you had fibromyalgia?

DAWN: I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2007.

BYLSH: What were your first symptoms?

DAWN: I first noticed symptoms in 2006.

BYLSH: What do you think triggered your fibromyalgia?

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DAWN: I had injured my back playing with my kids a few years prior, but never got a diagnosis on that until 2006 when a sedentary job caused everything to flare back up. I believe it was a cross between this injury that caused herniated discs and getting the flu that was truly brought on by fibromyalgia.

BYLSH: How long did it take for you to get diagnosed and what kind of doctor diagnosed you?

DAWN: I struggled with the pain and ended up on disability for over a year before seeing a pain management specialist. He was the only Dr, other than my chiropractor, who believed me and diagnosed me. I dealt with the pain and various medications over the years.

BYLSH: What was your rock bottom when you decided you needed to change in order to heal? What changes did you make in your life to feel better?

DAWN: In October 2019, I decided to try a keto lifestyle to lose weight. I was convinced that I would always be in pain. I can’t recall exactly in my weight loss journey when it happened, maybe a few months in, but I realized that I was no longer in pain! My inflammation was gone. I no longer needed my pain meds! I feel that by cutting out potatoes, rice, pasta, sugar, grains, and gluten, I was relieved of the inflammation, which I believe has put my fibromyalgia into remission.

BYLSH: Looking back in time is there anything you would have done differently to not get fibromyalgia?

DAWN: I am not sure of the causes of fibro, or if I could have avoided getting it, but I wholeheartedly believe that we can change our outcome with diet and exercise!

BYLSH: What do you want other fibro people to know they need to do in order to go into remission?

DAWN: I highly suggest changing your diet by ridding yourself of processed foods and eating meats, vegetables, eggs, and healthy fats.

BYLSH: For you, what is the number one thing to stay in remission, AKA your secret sauce or holy grail? It is the number one thing you have to do to stay in remission.

DAWN: I realize that we are all different in our journey but start by taking control of your diet and exercise! I will continue to eat a low-carb/keto lifestyle because this is what has worked for me! I hope that you, too, can find relief in your journey to better health!

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