Is someone close to you have Fibromyalgia and how has it impacted their lives?

I have had fibromyalgia for 14 years now. It has a permanent effect on my cognitive attention, memory, focus, and movements.

I struggle almost every day to do simple things as I get exhausted after movement of any kind. In addition, I suffer this chronic at random pain from severe to awkward to annoying to bearable, it varies so much it should have driven me crazy.

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It has taken away bits of my personality and especially my sense of humor (as no one would find much joy in constant mysterious sensations however light or intense for a long period of time).

I used to feel like a tortured body/soul. Without sympathy and understanding from other people, I’ve had to learn to accept this existence still with frustrations.

I can find relief very short-lived from any therapies(+altenative) so I tend to ignore what my body tells me in order to actually do some of the normal everyday living activities.

I used illegal drugs but didn’t want to be addicted so I stopped. Prescribed drugs didn’t help. I would do anything to heal from this nightmare.

Pain starts at the back of my head when I wake up lying flat, then starts spreading throughout different parts of the body. Throughout the day, the pain will decrease and increase for no obvious reason I used the think each time weather would vary I would be affected by it. (I live in England).

You become desperate to know why you have been triggered by pain sensations. It has generated anxiety and depression as a result. This condition seems to occur to a positive person with a long experience of stress. I would be willing to participate in any health research on the planet to know more.

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