Sit-ups May Cause Back Pain

If sit-ups are a part of your regular workout routine, you may want to reconsider. The Navy and the U.S. Marine Corps are already doing so after a study found that 56% of fitnessrelated injuries came from sit-ups. The article goes on to say that while the armed forces are reviewing their fitness standards, the Canadian Armed Forces have already done away with sit-ups.

So why are sit-ups so bad? Studies show that the lumbar spine undergoes a lot of pressure against the ground when a person completes a sit-up. While this is normally not a harmful action, repeated pressure can injure the spine. In a worst-case scenario, the spine can push into a nerve, which could cause a chronic neuropathic condition.

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Instead of doing a traditional sit-up, our physicians have a few suggestions for abdominal exercises that shouldn’t injure the back. In general, it’s recommended to practice planks and side planks. In this exercise, patients hold a push-up position, but instead of their hands, they are on their elbows and forearms. This strengthens the abdominal muscles because it activates the core to keep the spine completely flat.

While planks are a great way to prevent spine injury, sit-ups and other workoutrelated injuries could have already taken a toll on the back. If you or a loved one are experiencing low back pain, consider coming to Site of United States for treatment. We can help manage pain that is due to conditions of the spine including a herniated disc, injuries to the facet joints, and conditions relating to nerve damage due to an injury. Our physicians highly encourage people to seek treatment as soon as they notice that their back pain is just not going away on its own. Treating acute back pain is much easier than treating a chronic condition, so patients should see a physician as soon as possible. We may even be able to help you form a workout routine that’s safe to do while seeking back pain treatment!

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