Reducing Toxicity

Reducing toxicity is essential whenever illness manifests in the body, because illness is often a sign of two things: Deficiency and Toxicity. The toxic load becomes too much for the body to handle. The fibro body begins to rebel with increased pain and symptoms.

Although many of us with fibromyalgia symptoms initially had a propensity toward the illness itself, how we live and the amount of toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis through the environment, household products, the workplace and foods can impact us greatly. I advise living as naturally and chemical free as possible. And, utilizing a diet that is low in processed foods and eliminates toxic additives, preservatives and food allergens.

Reduce Toxicity and Increase Well Being

When we consistently choose whole, organic foods in their unadulterated state, we are making a choice to support our wellness without additional toxicity within our bodies. Packaged foods need to be kept to a minimum, but avoid deprivation which can lead to greater stress

Especially avoid toxic preservatives that are damaging to the thyroid and entire endocrine system. BHT, MSG, corn starch, corn oils, artificial colors and other additives should never be a part of our diet. When you choose to have packaged foods, always check for preservatives and avoid these at all cost.

Each fibro body might react differently to various toxins, so be aware that it might be easy to detect an initial reaction, yet there could also be a delayed reaction to food additives and this could make it harder to detect. However these delayed reactions could be very debilitating with symptoms such as migraine, muscle pain and brain fog.

For instance, exposure to a toxic environment can exhibit symptoms within the next 24-48 hours. Sometimes these symptoms will come on in the middle of the night. Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night with congested sinuses yet you felt fine when you went to bed. This can be due to an exposure within the previous day that created a delayed reaction. Again, we must not limit our enjoyment of life, but we must limit time with toxic exposures. A shopping mall is one of those “toxic” places that off gasses everything from new clothing formaldehyde to various body products and synthetic fragrances that waft through the entire mall.

And, how is your home and/or work environment ?

Commit To Reducing Toxicity At Home and/or Work 

We must be very diligent about the environment that we reside in. 
Laundry detergents, air fresheners, synthetic fragrances in body products and even the clothing that we wear. 
All of these toxins can increase the TOXIC LOAD on the body and make it harder to attain greater levels of wellness. This creates challenges in both cellular regeneration and damage to the mitochondria (powerhouse of our cells)

‘New car smell’ ….many people relish in this smell because owning and driving a NEW car makes people feel good !!!!
There is even a ‘new car’ scent designed for car air fresheners ..
Yet, what exactly is that new car smell ? Formaldehyde ….A known toxin and carcinogen. New carpet is also full of toxic formaldehyde. Avoid being exposed to new carpet at all cost. 
A new car is a luxury, no doubt ..yet be sure to sufficiently air out OR ozonate your new car before spending extended periods of time there …
NEVER allow a car detaling service to ‘detail’ your car. They use highly toxic cleaners both inside the car and outside as well ..
Yes ..even the tire cleaner used on the tires will permeate inside the car and this is a very potent toxin that we should not be exposed to. 

New clothing is also of concern due to the ‘formaldehyde’ sheeting that is often used in manufacturing. Before wearing new clothes, always wash in unscented non toxic soap and one cup of white vinegar. (Don’t worry, you won’t smell the vinegar) If you have ever felt ill while clothes shopping or perusing the mall, that is why… there is just an enormous amount of toxins in most retail stores. 

So what can we do AFTER a toxic exposure to minimize a potential flare or after effects? Extra fluids, movement to stimulate lymphatic flow (oral glutathione, sweating, deep breathing and early to bed to support adrenal health). 

For more information on how to reduce toxicity, refer to the ‘Environmental Toxins link on the navigation bar.

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