Have you ever suffered from rapid weight gain from fibromyalgia medication?

Oh boy, what a question and you got the right person to ask, if you research and I don’t mean just google. I mean research the medications you take. You will find most if not all have side effects and one of them is weight gain and fatigue. Some also deplete vitamins so ask your doctors for information.

If you suffer from Fibromyalgia pain/Chronic pain, it is difficult to move. If you also have any kind of arthritis this only makes it more of an extreme problem to exercise. It’s possible to drop some weight when changing eating habits and or removing chemicals and toxins which are in many foods.

In order to have the ability to drop some weight, exercise is needed. With Fibromyalgia movement is very painful and it feels like your body is broken. Start off slow and do simple exercises targeting certain areas. It won’t be easy but you learn as go what can work for you. I believe anything is possible if we try.

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  • Are you experiencing chronic pain?
  • Did you already have chronic pain prior to taking medications?
  • Are you experiencing fatigue?

Made changes in my lifestyle and especially my eating habits. I didn’t eat a lot but I didn’t eat healthy at all. So I needed to make serious changes.

Here are some of my results

Two years of good health and still learning how to live again. Then one day I began to feel like I was going backward with my health. I ignored it but it was happening so fast the more I ignored it the worse it was getting. Whatever it was it was beyond my control and deeper than I could see. I returned to doctors stating my issues.

  • Pain in my hip
  • Pain in my thigh
  • Pain in my stomach
  • Pain in my back

I stated it was not the normal pain I felt due to fibro or lupus. I went back every month for six months with the same issues getting worse and they sent me to other doctors.

On that final visit, they told me I needed to take medications for my diabetes and cholesterol, I was at risk of a stroke. I went home that day and admitted failure to myself. I was in too much pain to exercise/move for an outcome of weight loss. Deciding I would do the weight loss surgery. I found a surgeon and made an appointment the next day. Here’s when things go left.

The surgeon within seconds diagnoses me with an umbilical hernia. What do you mean I have a hernia, I just had a physical a few months ago. I told him based on what he was telling me, I had a change in my belly button when I had my son fourteen years ago.

I then asked for a scan or something that could see what was going on in my stomach. He denied me, so I was to wait 3–6 months more, and at the point of him doing surgery is when I would find out what was going on. Four surgeons later I finally found one who agreed to ct scan.

I had four hernias all encased in sacs of fat and the umbilical hernia was trapped which is not good. My core which holds your organs in place and gives you balance was shredded. So a double diastasis Recti procedure was needed as well. Which is reconstructing the core.

The pains I was having were due to their hernias and their locations of them. Once I healed from surgery I addressed what I knew to be the only other health issues within me.

A few months after surgery I sort care from a new primary doctor. After running multiple tests it was discovered my pancreas was not pushing out insulin as needed so my levels were high due to this issue. If you have an insulin issue no matter what you do, weight loss will not happen. Once the issue is addressed and medication begins, including dietary changes with exercise. This is when you will see a change.

I DID NOT HAVE FIBROMYALGIA, I experienced long-term extreme overall pain due to four hernias in my body for a long period of time. Since my surgery my pain excluding surgery healing. I have not experienced fibromyalgia or signs of it.

What I can say is this, my pancreas was not pushing out insulin as it should. I need medication which I did not want to go this route. I take injections once a week now on my second pen and 8th injection. I feel no difference better or worse but some slight pain or discomfort in my thighs.

Pay attention to your body, your face will tell your story. If you can not move around due to fibro pain it will be very difficult to drop the weight. Is it weight or inflammation? You can make changes to the type of foods you eat. Cut-out white foods and sugars make a huge difference.

Hope this was helpful

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