Never Let Fibromyalgia to Destroy Your Life

By: Dr Alex Robber

Fibromyalgia doesn’t have to rule your life. Coordinated care from a team of experts can help you take charge of this chronic pain condition.

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Therefore we do not support products or services from non-Cleveland Clinic. “The more people I hurt the sicker I am,” says rheumatologist Carmen Gota, MD of the Cleveland Clinic’s Fibromyalgia Clinic. “But the pain is caused by increased sensitivity to the pain, and nowadays much is possible to help control that pain.”.

Understanding Different Peoples have Various Symptoms

The pain of fibromyalgia day after day and among patients varies widely. Because millions of people with fibromyalgia share these symptoms in different ways: pain everywhere, sometimes on the neck and shoulder, back, hips and legs, often by night, in the morning and with prolonged inactivity Insomnia and restless sleep.

Fibromyalgia patients also often experience other chronic conditions, for example: mood disabilities like depression or anxiety Medical problems like bowel syndrome, headache or urinary difficulties are not known to cause fibromyalgia. The condition often can be triggered by a traumatic stress, such as the loss of a loved person. Women are much more likely than men to develop fibromyalgia.

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Understanding the Whole Patient Issue

“We need to look at the whole patient and personally adaptive treatment because each patient can experience fibromyalgia differently,” says Gota.

A rheumatologist, primary care doctor, behavioral therapist, physiotherapist and occupational therapist should be included in the team, Dr. Gota said, most important is team care.

Medication Importance

Therefore medications used to treat fibromyalgia include muscle relaxants, gabapentin and antidepressants. For decades, antidepressants is used for neuropathic pain and sleep disorders not only for depression.

“While the US now approves three medicines. For fibromyalgia therapy, rheumatologists are using many more in the same category and with similar advantages, “says Dr Gota.

Therapy Importance

People with fibromyalgia are often afraid to practice because after they move, they hurt more. But exercise increases sleep, memory and mood levels of endorphines. Exercise also improves brain function and controls patients ‘ own bodies. For each patient, physical therapists will tailor a workout program.

“Fibromyalgia can worsen if too much is being tried. Therefore a physiotherapist’s guidance could show them how their levels of exercise can be gradually increased, “says Dr Gota.

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