My Float Tank Experience in Fibromyalgia

By: Dr. Alexa James

I have been able to try almost anything for some relief for the last 13 years since my fibromyalgia was officially “diagnosed.” Recently, I heard a lot and was curious about float tank therapy, among many others, to support fibro. Therefore, I was excited, interested, and a little nervous when a friend of mine found a Groupon deal for them at Still point Yoga and Float. Today we finally tried, and my experience is here!

What is float tank therapy?

Float tank therapy is your bathroom-like pool wherever you feel more comfortable, whether it is your birthday costume or your bathroom suit. You just do what you are saying — you relax and float literally in a bath filled with some 1200 pounds of Epsom salt and sea. (Don’t worry, it’s a 100 percent private room). Think when you’re booming in the sea. It’s so, but very focused and powerful. All research I’ve done (and now personally) shows that anyone is able to float, regardless of shape or size.

Water is set to your skin’s temperature, so it shouldn’t feel warm or cold. It was comfortable, but in the end, as if I were in a sauna, I began feeling hot. It also works best with total sensory deprivation that definitely causes me to be nervous. I feel like I am far too eager to be left alone with my thoughts in complete darkness and silence. But because the experience is all about you and your favorite, you have soft illumination or no illumination, as well as music (spa music or yours) or silence.

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Earplugs are also available to help maintain your ears ‘ sound and water. Note to yourself-next time you use earplugs Are there anything but relief from fibromyalgia? OH, IT! There are so many advantages. Some of the other benefits on the website are as follows:

Because magnesium absorption is significant, it can also help prevent cardiovascular disease and make your teeth and bones healthier. I checked out almost all the reasons I’d like to try this while I was reading this. Is there fibromyalgia? Honey. Sorry? Yes. What is depression? Yes, Improved energy and quality of sleep?

INFORMATION IS. I feel I need to say I’m obviously not an expert in any way, so all of this is based on my research. It’s also not a miracle box as great as it can be, and you need to go for more than once to see long-term, lasting results. With most things in life, nothing is guaranteed. Everyone will have different results.

How are the rooms?

Don’t let them throw you away because they’re in a business park. You are transported into a spa-like environment as soon as you walk in the doors. It is clean and beautiful with essential oils and soft music that will make you feel welcome and relaxed immediately.

If your first float or your first float is there, they will give you a complete tour to make sure that your experience feels comfortable and ready. Each float room contains its own name and small decorations, but the tanks are identical. You walk in and you have a big bench, shelf, small amenities that make it comfortable and personal.

There is also a sign containing the general guidelines and tips and a basket with a mirror, earplugs, maquillage remover, and oil jelly for putting on any small cut or scrap you have. You can really feel even a paper cut. (Definitely make this recommendation.

Make your choice to add your things and a place in your music

  • Spotlight, makeup remover, petroleum jelly and ear plugs
  • Main area of the room for your car
  • Before you float, use the shampoo and body wash provided in order to remove any dirt, deodorant, etc. from your body to prevent the pool from contaminating and to get the best results. You will shower again after the float to get all the salt water off but if you choose, can bring your own toiletries. It’s so easy to get in and out, right outside the float tank.


Entry to floating tank

Float tank (not as scary as it sounds)

A halo pillow is also used in the floating tank to support the head and neck I used. You have also a spray bottle with clean water and a towel so that you can easily wash it off if you have saltwater on your face or your eyes.

How did it go?

I’ve had as few expectations as possible in this experience. All I read seemed positive, but I didn’t want to bear false hope for myself. It was a strange feeling when I first got into it. I sat down and had to be settled for a few minutes. I started with the light and the music and finally switched it off. I wanted to try and go to full deprivation of the senses. I felt I could settle my mind for a long time. As I mentioned previously, my thoughts went exactly as I expected and I was left alone in silence. I’m anxious.

I was thinking overall about life, this experience, and the way my boyfriend was in it and I was afraid I was too worried and too unhappy. I felt my body begin to relax a little more after a while. I felt like the tension was going to go away from my arms, legs, and back and I felt I didn’t feel that long. I have had problems relaxing my neck, head, and shoulders, but I haven’t been too focused.

They contain most of my pain and trigger points, so I’m not surprised I couldn’t let it go on the first attempt. I don’t know whether I fell asleep completely, but I snore a bit (I know, that’s so attractive) slightly (I know) and I did it when you sleep your arm or your leg tweaks.

Research has shown that a float tank’s sleep of about 6-8 hours is equivalent to normal sleep. Only a fraction of that I would love. I certainly got in some good thinking and soul-searching from anxiety and mental health perspective. I didn’t feel overwhelmed or anxious, and from the time I spent thinking about things I had a better view.

In summary, it went well, overall. It was a completely unplugged hour from all external distractions if nothing else. It was relaxing (finally) and I saw an improvement in my symptoms of fibromyalgia. I felt a little restful, but also cumbersome, as though I was in the sun throughout the day. I would definitely benefit again from that. Next time I’m going to know a bit more, so I’m not as worried and can get into the resting stage quickly. The more you do this, the better the results, I feel, too.

Next time I can also make a 90-minute float if I am worried about it and have a problem solving it again. You definitely have a look at Still point Yoga and Float if you have any questions or want to test it for yourself (and are in Philadelphia). You can reply to any questions you have and set up a session. Say I sent you to them!

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