More than my chronic disease, I’m

More than my chronic disease, I’m

By: Dr Alexa James

We always look for ways of identifying and distinguishing ourselves. A way to be a single person. The Funny One, the Smart One, the Beautiful. The fan, the creative, the athletic. The “fan of sport,” One way I don’t want to do that is to “be a fibromyalgic girl.” “The painful girl, the painful girl” or “the tired girl.” “The painless girl,”

I’m more than my pain.

Ask me to camp. Ask me to camp. That’s the way to go. Please ask me to go shopping for a day. Suggest that we walk the city. Don’t be afraid to hug me or to joke in a joke with the jab in my arm. Call me, your house, to parties. We’ve been dreaming of this picnic. Holidays? Let’s just do it. Let’s do it. So let’s get tickets and tailgate. I want to go to that baseball and soccer game. I’m not sorry, I enjoy Chronic Disease

I’ve got a lot of interests. I love cooking (read 36 fibro patient cooking hacks) and baking. My air fryer obsesses me. I love learning about various people and cultures. Overall, I love to learn. Something teach me. Animals, especially dogs, cats, alpacas, narwhals and dinosaurs. (Let’s read more about pet health.) I am obsessed with animals. It’s black, my preferred color. That is how I take my coffee. I love that black color. Pizza, wings, beer, I love them. I love to check out various breweries. We’re going to hop the bar. Let’s make brunch. Let’s make brunch. Make it a day. Let’s do it a day.

I’m training. My body allows me to do what I do. I work with my body. I work with my body. I do yoga, I walk, I weigh lightly. In home workouts, I do TRX and randomly. My body works although it feels like my body works some days against me.

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I am far more than just my chronic disease.

I am clever. I am being driven. – I’m determined. I was somewhat crazy and got out even more forcefully than I knew. I’m impervious. I am just funny. I’m being caring. I am empathetic. I am being creative. I’m just laid back. I’m just organized. I am a do-er. I’m a thinking thinker. I am an introvert. I am a cat mother.

A sister, a sister, an aunt, mother and a cousin. I’m a daughter. I am a friend. I am a friend. I’m as much as I can to my friends and family. The times are good and the times are bad. I’m leaning on a shoulder. I make jokes. I make jokes. I give you advice. I give advice. I am a sports fan. I am a sports fan. I shout on the TV when it’s a bad call during a football game. I’m staying far too late to watch football on a Sunday or Monday night. On a sunny afternoon, I catch a baseball game.

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I’m working. I work. I work very hard. I go to meetings. I believe. I learn. I don’t. I succeed that. I succeed. I’ve been working for a career that I still work for.

My chronic disease, I am not. I’m a human living with a chronic disease.

Instead of letting my pain control my life, I’ve learned to listen to my body and work with pain. I’m studying equilibrium. I know that it differs from good pain to bad pain. I know I can continue to push a bit further. When I have to take a break, I also know. Yes, sometimes because of my illness, I can’t show up. Yes, I’m going to say no sometimes. But don’t stop inviting me, please. Do not let one “no” stop the “normal” person from seeing me. Not only my illness, learn about me. Let’s speak about family, hobby and interest. Let’s speak to our family. Let’s speak of what we’re enthusiastic about. Tell me your best father joke and jokes. Tell me. What’s the most awkward thing you’ve ever experienced? If you want my fibromyalgia to learn. I would love to speak too, but don’t forget, please, that is so much more for me.

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