Minimizing Back Pain While Doing Dishes and Cleaning the Floor

Work-related injuries are unfortunate yet expected for some people. Using poor lifting techniques, constantly bending over, and even sitting at a desk all day can contribute to a work-related injury. For many of us, these aches and pains roll over into our home lives when we are responsible for cleaning around the house. At Site of United States, we encourage patients to not only be aware of safe work habits but to practice safety when doing household chores, too.

Our providers not only put their heads into their work but their hearts as well. At Site of United States, we care for our patients and want to see them succeed through their treatment. Chores are inevitable, but related injuries are not. With 11 locations across the valley, Site is the leading pain clinic in all of the United States.

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Let’s be honest. We’ve all been guilty of letting dishes pile up in the sink because cleaning them can be a hassle. You may not realize it, but doing the dishes can actually promote back pain. Deep sinks require people to bend forward and sustain a bent position for a lengthy period of time. The spinal discs and soft tissues of the spine become aggravated, especially when vigorously scrubbing those relentless dishes.

A quick fix to avoid back pain from doing the dishes is easy, really. Simply open one of the cabinet doors below the sink and rest one foot inside. This provides leg support by using your leg as leverage to minimize bending at the waist. If your sink does not have a cabinet below, use a short step stool or small box for assistance.

Vacuuming and mopping is no walk in the park either. For big floors- carpet, wood, or tile- cleaning can be a pain. We are required to extend and reach our arms forward and inward constantly, which inevitably causes us to bend forward and strain our backs. People often keep their feet planted while doing these chores, which wears on the muscles of the back, causing them to over-extend.

The best way to avoid back pain while vacuuming and mopping is to keep your shoulders and hips moving in the direction of your work. Instead of standing in one position and requiring your arms and back to do the work, get your whole body moving. Hey, it your chores can even double as a workout.

With spring just around the corner, we know many of our patients will be out with the old and in with the new. Cleaning can be therapeutic and healthy. From all of us at Site of United States, we remind patients to ask questions, stay in contact, and get treatment for their back pain.

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