Low Impact Fibromyalgia Exercise and Weightlifting Routines

Where do we start to create an individual fibromyalgia exercise program? Although there are many commonalities in the symptoms of Fibromyalgia, everyone’s fibro body IS different when it comes to fitness level, activity preference and past history. Yes, our past history is a good place to start.

If you were previously a runner before your fibro intensified, and you enjoy running, it could possibly become part of your program again. This is what many of us with severe fibromyalgia and related conditions have been able to do with consistency and a structured program.  By proceeding slowly and consistently, I was able to leave my low point and return to running and strength training while incorporating fibro specific exercises.  However, it is essential to understand how to protect the fibro/osteo body, and prepare the body by using various techniques.

Focused Intention

I use daily low impact range of motion fibromyalgia exercises and muscle activation as well to start getting the fibro body back in touch with each muscle group.

See, we all tend to become out of touch with our bodies when they are allowed to become de-conditioned for too long.

We cannot just start into any program (yoga, Pilates, power-walking, running, swimming) without first re-engaging and focusing through the movements, at least if we want to avoid injury that is.

When working with and observing people working out, I really look for intention AND focus.  It is MOST essential to keep it safe, effective and make it count. Showing up is the first step, and not every workout will be perfect.  Yet, simply going through the motions does not allow us to progress. It can also be dangerous and create injury.  With Fibro and Osteo conditions, I find that focus creates a safety net and intention creates a better connection with mind and body. These are both extremely important.

Also, with focused intention, we burn more calories and toxins, we activate more muscle and just get better results. Staying focused also allows us to stay in the moment where mind and body work together. Remember, it’s not mind over matter.

It’s All About Consistency

I cannot over stress the importance of going slowly. One of my slogans I often refer to is “We can spend the rest of our lives DE-conditioning our bodies, OR we can spend the rest of our lives RE-conditioning our bodies” It’s really not about how fast or slow our bodies go, it is about consistency.

Consistency is the way we avoid injury while seeing progress that motivates us to keep going. If you stay stuck with injury, pain or post exercise malaise, you will never see progress and it will be easy to give up and forget why you were doing fibromyalgia exercises in the first place; which is to reduce pain levels, increase conditioning, increase endorphin levels, and create a greater sense of well-being.

See, creating endorphins (the body’s natural pain killers) and a sense of well-being can propel us to greater levels of health because we will have greater tolerance; we will be able to do more, have MORE good days. It is like when we choose to ‘be’ happy. We are not faking it; no, we are taking control, we are finding anything to have gratitude for and we are focusing on that.

Our bodies were meant to move and strengthen, even with challenges.  Yet working through challenge, is one of THE most rewarding personal experiences ever. We did that. We took control. WE kept going.  And, we did it in a SAFE and EFFECTIVE way.

Fibromyalgia Exercise: Get Up, Suit Up, Show Up

I support anyone willing to believe in the magnificence of the human mind and body. I challenge anyone to think about their goals. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? All you have to do is take that first step, one day at a time. Don’t allow negativity to tell you it’s not possible. The negative mind will try anything to keep us right where we are.

No, we are stronger, yet we must have consistent practice in being proactive with our fibromyalgia exercises before we can see results. And, we wil!

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