Living a Lonely Journey Named Fibromyalgia

By: Dr Alex Robber

Understanding Not Fully Lived Life

A lonely journey can be lived with fibromyalgia and chronic pain. It is still a lonely journey, even if you are surrounded by many people. It’s warm and inviting when you have “your people.” But still, you do your best not to give your pain and discomfort away. You will feel your pain and struggles when you are alone and know that you are going to live them all the time. You push your limits when you feel “ok,” even if you know it’s okay.

You feel pain and struggle and don’t realize what to do when feeling bad. You have not seen someone you have met for some time, with joy, but panic your heart is on. You’re glad to see them, but the “question”–”What are you like? “The right words to say you can’t find. “Where you work? Where do you work? “Or,” How are you doing? “Words fail you once more.

You don’t want to tip your hand, you don’t want to admit that you’re not all right. Naturally they want to know why if you tell someone you’re not working. But how do you reply without asking for a long explanation?? And, without further questions answer?! How are you going to make anyone realize? But my body does not agree. I want to work, but. My body doesn’t say it!

The deeper problem, however, is that I may feel “OK” tomorrow to attempt to be part of life. My life could be manageable tomorrow. So, on manageable days, what do I do? I’ll try to “catch up” on those rare occasions. I’ll try to catch things I put on the back burner because my body said no! However, tomorrow will catch me the time I put in “catch-up.” For at least a few days, I will inevitably “pay” for it.  My life, I want to live! I want to work! I want to work! My life and my family are going to be a pleasure!

But it affects my life and my family. They have pain, tiredness, and physical limitations. They have pain. Fibromyalgia and chronic suffering are affected. My life is now about this condition for which no one has a reply. My life is about tiredness and pain. My physical limitations are now in my life. Every day I will try to find the simple joys.

I will keep on trying to celebrate the small victories that all others may find small. I’m going to continue struggling that can’t be won. The purest, most honest, hardcore person I can be, I’ll still try to be mine. Maybe my body will give up, but my spirit will never give up, by God! You don’t see my Pain when you see me.

Understanding My Learning from Chronic Pain

Life, as you know, suddenly takes a new turn when you get diagnosed with a chronic disease. You fight to accept this first, and then try to learn how to live with it. So many things will change in your lives, things that you did once without a second thought will require you to extract power from a nonexistent pool.

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Plans are now “dependent on the day” and how you feel. Things that you intended to do must now wait. Your physical self will never be the same and your mental health will most certainly be affected. You will enter and out of depressing mental, culpable and worthlessness-feelings.

Five phases of sorrow exist, most of us have a chronic pain with some or all these phases. My therapist informed me one day that an individual can suffer from a situation like this, and hence the phases of sorrow.

However, in another article, I will tackle that. However, can a individual learn anything from a chronic disease? There are some things that can teach us that live with chronic disease or chronic pain.

1st is Patience:

Ever since we suspected that something was not physically correct for us, we needed to begin looking for a physician we could trust to assist us find responses. This is not a simple job, as we all understand and experienced. Many times, individuals with chronic disease will see several physicians before they find someone who takes us seriously and who is prepared to assist us find some responses, or at least a direction to begin.

“The virtue is patience,” well, that’s not the reality. We all understand very well that this will not take place as much as want instant responses. We must know the Tortoise and the Hare lesson, slowly and steadily the race wins, well, perhaps nothing but another tale. Patience will bring to a better comprehension and comprehension throughout this phase of what life will now be for us and the ones we love. We must be patient with ourselves, most importantly.

2nd is Understanding:

Once we know that chronic condition, we can begin to see how it affects our lives. Things are changing in our lives and we must know and comprehend what our boundaries are. We must know how this not only affects us, but also affects our family and our family. It is essential to understand an overview of what lies ahead.

And above all, knowing that lives we knew will be different now and we must realize that we will have a’ fresh parents’ and we must learn what the life will be now.

3rd is Acceptance:

When we are lastly diagnosed, fear, sorrow, cold and many other emotions, including relief, are packed with us. Someone gave us a reply at last, why do we feel like we do! As soon as we learn to recognize and learn how to adjust to this fresh life, we can learn how to adapt.

There is no moment for this recognition, but once we’re there we can begin to progress and discover how this new life will go, embrace our “new normal” and begin again.

4th is Appreciation:

It was a nice day every day. Well, there are few nice days, far between. We must enjoy the “good days” when they arrive as well as small things that make us smile every day. However, keep in mind that you don’t want to overdo stuff on a nice day because it will cost you later.

It’s invaluable to appreciate the time you can spend with the family and take advantage of any events you may do. Enjoy the hobbies / activities that you can still do in order to avoid your suffering. Enjoy what you have against what you’ve lost.

5th is Love:

We don’t have the knowledge or feelings of love before this diagnosis, but we now have a distinct degree of Love or I should say a distinct knowledge of this. We have distinct levels of Love. You know how deep love and care are when someone you love and care for can look in your eyes, when you are at your worst. You know how deep love and care are, because they say,’ I know, and want to do something that helps you.’

While living this “new life” there isn’t several things an individual can learn but we can still look for something useful or good. It’s much simpler said than done and surely a process and trust me, every day I still try to find it. Some days are certainly simpler to discover peace or positiveness than others, but if I discover it, I will continue to look for it, and appreciate it.

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  1. Karen Hayter

    I am looking forward to understanding my condition as it has over taking my day to day living , I feel I’m just surviving.

  2. Karen Hayter

    I am looking forward to understanding my condition as it has over taking my day to day living , I feel I’m just surviving. I hope I can get updates on any new medication or techniques that can make my disability a little better.

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