Letter from a Fibromyalgia Sufferers to His Doctor

By: Dr Alex Robber

Please spread this letter to assist all persons suffering from fibromyalgia, chronic exhaustion and many other illnesses to which many individuals are not interested. It is a well-respected and handled illness in Europe.

Mr. Doctor Here is Letter

It’s why I am writing this Letter. I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

He thinks that fibromyalgia is psychological, that I should go out and have fun and practice. I have nothing severe because it’s’ not contagious’ and because it does “not kill.” He suggests I believe less about what hurts, and more about others I will enhance. And of course, he continues doing my work.

When I go to your office and send me back to screw pots, I want to thank you for your knowledge. I’m also grateful to the physicians who help us to treat us as if we were suffering the plague in the hospital emergency; not that we are individuals who suffer a great deal. It’s very thankful to humiliate you and make you feel guilty for your tendon pains and so on.

I want to inform you, Mr. Doctor, I know he’s very occupied with other patients, after all, my tale is a tale, and I want to defraud social security only … Thanks for letting me realize that Fibromyalgia started destroying my life, I was persuaded that it was bad, but I’m so sure that I just want to betray.

This morning I was prepared to be an honest individual, so I began to pick up my home with enough enthusiasm, after taking several painkillers to endure the pain of lie, because I intended to shop for something… It took me a world to wipe and purify the dust, but I got it from drowning to dim. “I repeated to myself… you’ve got nothing, it’s only those pains and the fatigue that you want to cheat the state” and I keep forcing the machine, because I want to be honored.

I want to apologies MR. Doctor, because I’ve fallen away without power … Without power … I couldn’t avoid being a liar scammer, who’s isolated, sunk, shattered, humiliated and ashamed that they couldn’t be doing what the other ‘ honest ‘ individuals are doing, or I ought to say good health.

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Thank you for not giving an interest in informing yourself of FM and CFS, but what I appreciate most are all their injuries and displacements that have made me feel helpless to the physicians! I want to thank all those remarks that you physicians make regarding individuals like me. I hope you will never be in my location, because you will feel twice bad to see your activities unfair to the sick and forsaken individuals.

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