Lady Gaga and fibromyalgia

Lady Gaga has opened up about having Fibromyalgia and is going to be candid about it in her documentary. Fibromyalgia is a syndrome that needs this sort of representation. Someone visible is seen to be struggling with it and getting extensive treatment to manage the pain. It isn’t the sort of syndrome that gets much attention. So I am proud of her for putting that out there. And those of us who advocate for awareness are glad to see someone putting her story out there to a broad audience in such away.

Pain Network News article goes into some of the treatments she is using from massage to ‘sitting in an infrared sauna wrapped in an emergency blanket‘ and alternating between cold (ice baths) and hot treatments. As well as Gyrotonic Workout,

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That is the thing for Fibromyalgia that she demonstrates well. We have to find our own treatments that work for us. And sometimes that takes a long time. And sometimes you have to think of new things to try. But when you find your path it can help you manage the pain and help you cope.

I do only a few basic things for FM a) exercise b) magnesium– Epsom salt baths, magnesium oil, or magnesium in liquid form. c) Oska Pulse and d) slow-release tramadol called Silvia and e) FibroCane supplements. For pain anyway. And that is what works for me.

Also, Rhodiola for fatigue, because fatigue is another major issue all on its own. And B12 for fatigue as well.

And then a sleeping pill for sleep. Because my sleep is horrendous.

And just pacing and moderation, as we all know, go a long way. Staying within those limits.

I am glad to see we have some star power willing to share her struggles though. And also discuss how she lives and works with her condition. Because having it is one thing, coping another and we have lives to live. We have to find ways to manage the pain, fatigue, sleep dysfunction, and cognitive issues somehow. It will be interesting to see what she says in her documentary and how much awareness it brings to fibromyalgia as a syndrome. We need the awareness for sure.

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