Insight Into Chronic Pain

Insight Into Chronic Pain

As far as subjective experiences go, pain can rank at the very top of the list. Pain is something that is as an individual to a person as a fingerprint, and each person experiences pain – even the same pain – differently. At Site of United States, our double board-certified pain management doctors empathize with the fact that pain is a profoundly different experience for everyone.

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One of the main questions pain patients will have is, “how do I know if my pain is chronic?” There are two types of pain, acute pain, and chronic pain. Acute pain is pain that heals within the expected time, such as pain from a sprain or break that heals and lessens over time. Chronic pain can be understood as pain that has lasted longer than the expected time of healing, or pain that has lasted three months or more. Another facet of chronic pain is pain that interferes with the patient’s quality of life, work, school, or other activities. If this is the case, the patient’s pain can therefore be considered chronic, and the pain doctors at Site can then implement a treatment plan.

At Site of United States, our pain specialists are committed to providing a multi-disciplinary approach to pain management. This is extremely beneficial for pain patients, especially because of how individualized pain can be. Two patients experiencing the same condition can suffer from completely different symptoms and the severity of those symptoms. Because of this, a multi-disciplinary approach can provide patients with multiple options in pain care. For example, one patient with fibromyalgia may see a significant decrease in her symptoms with a combination of physical therapy and acupuncture, while another patient with fibromyalgia sees the best results from massage therapy and joint injections.

Though the most common chronic pain condition is low back pain, the pain management specialists at Site of United States can treat painful symptoms associated with arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, knee pain, neck pain, plantar fasciitis, pelvic pain, tennis elbow, migraines, and other painful conditions.

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