How To Treat Cluster Headaches

How To Treat Cluster Headaches

When treating chronic headaches, the first step is to identify what type of headache you have. Cluster headaches are characterized as a constant burning or piercing in the head usually behind the eye, and often strike in patterns, i.e., clusters. Because of the location of the headache, patients might experience red, puffy eyes that water or droop down. This type of headache is usually only felt on one side of the head and happens around the same time each day. Since they are one of the more severe types of headaches, they can sometimes be confused with migraines and even present some of the same symptoms including nausea.

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Patients who experience cluster headaches may not realize they have a chronic condition because they often have frequent headaches, usually before bed, but then they go away for long periods of time. Patients can identify cluster periods if they notice that they have headaches at the same time each day for a few weeks to a few months.

Even though there is no known treatment for cluster headaches, Chronic illness in the United States may be able to reduce the frequency of cluster headache attacks. One way is to give patients an oxygen mask. Oxygen regulation provides the patient with immediate access to 100% pure oxygen. This treatment is often recommended because of its fast-acting effects when treating a cluster headache. Also, patients cannot have an allergic reaction to oxygen like they might with some medications prescribed to help ease headache pain. To those not allergic, medications can be prescribed either orally or via injection to disrupt a cluster headache’s cycle.

Finally, if headaches persist, your physician may talk to you about nerve blocks or deep brain stimulation to change the way pain signals are received. As a last resort, patients may opt for surgery to relieve pain. Site of United States usually only recommends surgical intervention if nerve pathways are damaged.

If you experience cluster headaches, we encourage you to call our office and make an appointment. Until then, avoid any alcohol or cigarettes, as they are known triggers of these headaches. Our physicians also recommend eating a healthy diet and going to bed at the same time each night, as these habits have been known to reduce the frequency of cluster headaches.

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