How The Spoon Theory Helps Individuals With Chronic Pain

How The Spoon Theory Helps Individuals With Chronic Pain

What is “The Spoon Theory?”

The spoon theory is relatively simple: living with chronic pain is very different from living a pain-free lifestyle. That living pain-free theoretically has an unlimited number of spoons—whereas those living with a chronic illness have a very limited number of spoons available for each day. Each action may cost one or more of them, depending on what the action requires. If a person living with chronic pain must endure a pretty demanding task, he or she will figuratively need to give up more spoons.

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How Can The Spoon Theory Help My Chronic Pain?

This concept may help those not living with chronic pain understand how trying and tiring the condition can be. After explaining this concept to a loved one or friend, an individual with chronic pain could mention they are “running low on spoons” to signify their need for rest.

Even for those living with a chronic pain condition, the spoon theory could be a great way of communicating how you’re feeling at that moment—something your fellow “spoonies” can relate to! We mentioned this in our past blog, “Supporting a Partner With Chronic Pain,” but one of the best things you can do to help someone with a chronic health condition is to provide support. Being there for one another can make a huge impact on the lives of those who must suffer from the “invisible symptoms” chronic pain carries.

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