How Men Suffer from Fibromyalgia?

By: Dr Alex Robber

58-year-old Randy was a car mechanic and a great golfer who was never under 200. Then he was diagnosed with surprise almost 10 years ago when he suffered intense chronic pain. He had fibromyalgia with his doctor.

Fibromyalgia is a disease-causing chronic pain and tiredness, mainly in females. Of the 5 million individuals in the United States with fibromyalgia, only less than 10% are males. Therefore, even among fellow patients, the public view of women’s illness has continued.

Randy, now a member of the Board of the National Fibromyalgia Association-and the only male member of the Board with a disease, said “When I first attended a support group session, it was all females. “Some didn’t want me there.” Randy, a neurologist who consulted, wouldn’t see him. He would cut back his diagnosis.

“The fibromyalgia is a difficult task for a person,” says Randy, who can no longer function and who can only hit the lines on occasion. “I don’t think one of my greatest buddies,” he claims. “His wife, who is a physician, informed him that people could not get it, that it was in my head.”

In Men Fibromyalgia is Rarely Among:

It’s not clear why so few people suffer from it or why it causes fibromyalgia. It can cause certain kinds of viral diseases, traumas like automobile crashes and mental stress. However, it hits without warning in some instances.

Regardless of the cause, some biological markers are prevalent to those living with the disease. The fibromyalgia is characterized by an imbalance of chemicals in the brain, says Yunus MD, a Professor of Medicine at the College of Medicine of the University of Illinois.

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“It is a neurochemical illness,” Yunus suggests, pointing out that individuals with fibromyalgia have a greater than average P substance, a paint signaling neurotransmitter and a reduced than average serotonin, a pain-inhibiting neurotransmitter.

Genetics and hormones also seem to play a part in triggering and the sexual discrepancies connected with the disease, according to Yunus.

“Everybody is made more pain-sensitive by the genes, and some are gender-related,” he said. “And females are more sensitive to pain, as estrogen lowers the threshold of pain.”

This increase in pain sensibilities can increase women’s chances of receiving a fibromyalgia diagnosis.

A popular test performed by physicians is a set level of stress on so-called “tender points”: 18 points on the body, designated by the American College of Rheumatology, where even a light feeling can trigger pain.

To be diagnosed, at least 11 of these locations need to generate an important pain response. But since males do not fulfill the requirements often because they have greater pain thresholds.

How Men are Affected with Fibromyalgia?

Chronic pain may be its main symptom, but some of the other complications are presented by fibromyalgia. Chronic fatigue and sleep trouble, as well as headaches, bowel syndrome and restless leg syndrome, are prevalent complaints. The territory is often affected by memory issues and the difficulty of focusing.

Yunus, suggests that males are less symptomatic than females in general. They tend to be less tired and suffer from less pain. “To hurt people all over is much less prevalent,” states Yunus. “But, in many respects, people are more influenced, more troubled by fibromyalgia,” Stay Healthizes!

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