How can I explain Fibromyalgia?

I attended the birthday party of a good friend last night. Just an intimate and impromptu get-together at her house, I found myself given the opportunity for the first time since I have taken up the proverbial Fibromyalgia cross to promote my condition and raise awareness, the new charge of my life. But I was at a loss as to how to explain it without launching into 20 minutes of background information to answer each question. It is a messy and complicated experience with so many variables between every patient, each with an individual and woeful tale to tell. It became abundantly clear as I was losing my momentum and focus that I must devise a “30-Second Elevator Ride” synopsis that clearly defines, explains, and promotes the cause. So today amidst the booming NY Giants (GO GIANTS!) game pulsing from my big-screen, I set out to research and condense the best, most effective, clear & concise synopsis of Fibromyalgia that will get the word out and leave each person I encounter with a basic and clear understanding of what Fibromyalgia is. Not Fibromyalgia as Lyrica or Cymbalta advertise it, not to diss the attention their advertising brings, but really WHAT IS FIBROMYALGIA?

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“Fibromyalgia affects between 2-6 million Americans. It is a neurological condition stemming from the central nervous system that produces a sensation of severe body pain, stiffness, cognitive impairment, fatigue insomnia. Fibromyalgia patients frequently suffer from other symptoms and complex medical conditions as well. It is believed to be caused by a cluster of factors working together; genetic mutation susceptibilityinfections, and a specific trauma or injury. There is no cure and prescription treatments offer limited relief with high incidents of side effects. It is a lifelong, non-degenerative condition that can be managed using a holistic, total body approach to wellness but the quality of life of a Fibromyalgia patient is forever altered as basic life functioning diminishes.”

Well, there you have it, folks! This is Fibromyalgia as Leah views it. I tried to keep it scientifically loose, comprehensible to the average person, and broad enough to encompass the variety and flux of symptoms and severity we all suffer from. Now I just have to commit this to memory (fibro fog!) and pull it out any chance I get. If I keep the focus off my specific experience and make it more about a general condition many suffer from I believe that will go a long way to promoting the “realness” of this awesome predicament we find ourselves in.

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