Homeopathic Remedies for Muscle Adhesions

At a recent appointment with my naturopath,  to the wonderfully named Dr. Love, the topic of recurrent muscle pain flares came up. Anti-inflammatory interventions and nervous system calming remedies had not broken the cycle of muscle pain I experience. My pain predominantly occurs in my upper back/shoulder blades on either side and my glute muscles/SI joints. Even though I stretch and strengthen, which helps, I have not broken out of these painful cycles. My naturopath asked what my osteopath had to say about whether my muscles are particularly restricted and not very responsive to treatment. My osteopath said that my thoracic spine and pelvis area were particularly restricted.

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Dr. Love explained that tightness and restriction can occur when muscles are contracted for a long period of time, leading to adhesions in the connective tissues. Adhesions are a form of scar tissue that causes connective tissues to stick together in a way that restricts normal movement and function. There is evidence that adhesions in the fascia (a network of connective tissue throughout the body, like a soft skeleton) can contribute to fibromyalgia pain.*

Dr. Love felt that it might be helpful to give me some support for breaking down adhesions, to complement the work of my osteopath and physiotherapist. She prescribed a homeopathic remedy with two ingredients. The first was theosinaminium, which is a derivative of mustard seed oil. It is used as an internal solvent for dissolving scar tissue, fibroids, tumors, and adhesions.** The other ingredient was silicea, which  “can stimulate the organism to re-absorb fibrotic conditions and scar-tissue”.***

In the last month, I have experienced decreased nighttime back pain, and greater resiliency in my upper back/shoulders (for example, I have been able to type this entire post without pain, when usually I use voice-t0-text technology). I am not sure if this supplement is the only reason, but since it has no side effects, I am happy to continue to take it to see if it will help me further!

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