Headaches After Exercise

Exercise is extremely vital to our health. It keeps our hearts healthy, lowers our risk of diseases, and can even release pain-relieving endorphins that can help patients suffering from chronic pain. However, instead of feeling pain relief, some people may get headaches after working out, commonly after running or lifting weights, although some people have reported getting a headache during their exercise session as well.

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Symptoms of an Exercise Headache:

Exercise headaches, also known as exertion headaches, are usually described as pounding or throbbing and occurring on both sides of the head. Patients may find relief if they avoid movement or changes in blood pressure. Exercise headaches may also cause nausea, a symptom shared with migraine headaches. However, exercise headaches should not be confused with migraines and do not share other symptoms like light sensitivity.


We are not exactly sure what causes exercise headaches, but pain specialists have a few well-researched theories. The number one cause to look for is dehydration. Many people will drink plenty of water during the workout, but it is equally as important to drink copious amounts of water before and after the exercise. However, water is not the only thing you should be fueling your body with before exercise. Patients should not exercise on an empty stomach, so a light, healthy snack is advised beforehand, as blood sugar may be a factor causing headaches. Other theories suggest that exercise headaches could be caused by changes in the amount of blood going to the brain or an underlying condition inside the brain.

Exercising should not leave people in pain, so if you are frequently experiencing an exercise headache after drinking more water and trying to eat something light prior to your workout, we encourage you to come to see the physicians at Chronicillness.co Site of United States. Our offices are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and headache experts who can get to the bottom of your headaches. We will work with you to find a treatment plan that is right for you. In addition to pain medication, we offer injection therapy that is specifically targeted to treat chronic headaches. The injections may provide relief for many months and can be repeated if necessary. If an underlying condition does exist, our staff will make sure you are in the right hands to effectively treat your condition and get back into life.

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