Have you Try Some Natural Treatments for Epilepsy?

Have you Try Some Natural Treatments for Epilepsy?

By: Researcher Taymur

Understanding Epilepsy Treatments

Traditionally, epilepsy is treated with medication for antiseizure. Although these drugs can be extremely helpful, they can never function for all and can pose a risk of side effects, as with any drug.

Therefore some people suffering from epilepsy are turning to natural treatments and alternative treatments to alleviate or supplement their symptoms. However there are a variety to choose from herbs and supplements to biofeedback and acupuncture.

So although a small amount of research supports certain natural treatments, many are not. Because natural treatments for epilepsy have far less data than conventional medicine.

However talk with your doctor if you would like to add something new to your epilepsy diagnosis. Because some natural therapies may complement your current treatment plan. Nevertheless, some herbs are dangerous and can interfere with effective medications.

So consulting with a doctor to find the best therapies will help you assess the possible advantages and disadvantages and guide you on next steps.

1st is Herbal Treatments

Therefore herbal treatments have grown in popularity with a growing demand and public interest. So for all illnesses, there seems to be a plant.

However a 2003 study showed anticonvulsant effects in a number of medicines used in traditional Chinese, Japanese Kampo, and Indian Ayurveda medicines. However, random, blind and monitored studies to support its advantages are not available.

Because the Administration of Food and Drugs (FDA) does not also regulate herbal supplements. However herbs occasionally cause unpleasant side effects including headaches, rashes, and gastrointestinal disorders.

2nd is Vitamins Treatments

However some vitamins that help to reduce the number of epilepsy seizures. Because yet note that the vitamins do not function by themselves. So, You can make certain medications work better or increasing the dose you need.

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When taking vitamin supplements, follow your doctor’s instructions to stop any overdose.

  • 1st is Vitamin B-6
  • 2nd is Magnesium
  • 3rd is Vitamin E

Always use Vitamins by doctors advised.

3rd is Dietary Treatments

Seizures may also be minimized by certain dietary changes. The ketogenic diet, focusing on a better fat ratio, is the most popular diet.

The diet is known as low carbohydrate, low protein. It’s expected to reduce seizures by this type of food pattern, but doctors don’t know why.

The ketogenic diet is often used by children with epilepsy. The restrictions are challenging for many people. Nonetheless, other treatment measures to reduce convulsions can complement such a diet.

Because in 2002, Johns Hopkins Medicine developed an adapted Atkins diet for adults with epilepsy as a low-carb, high-fat alternative to the ketogenic diet.

Therefore recent studies show that almost half of all testers have diet-reduced seizures. Because it is not necessary to fast or count calories. So in just a few months, a decrease in convulsions often occurs.

4th is Self-Control Treatments

However to order to reduce the hallucinations, many people with epilepsies try to control their brain activity. Because the theory is that you may be able to stop it if you detect the symptoms of an imminent seizure.

So most people suffering from epilepsy will have symptoms approximately 20 minutes prior to a crisis. Because you may see strange lights and peculiar smells or blurred vision.

The seizure severity is avoided or decreased by self-checking methods when it arrives. There are several strategies that all involve a strong focus and concentration likes meditation, walking and immers yourself in a task

5th is Biofeedback Treatments

Biofeedback is used to alter brain waves using electrical sensors. At least one reliable Source study found that biofeedback significantly decreased epileptic seizures in people with current medications that failed to manage their symptoms.

Typically, biofeedback is used by physical therapists. You will find a specialist with qualifications if you are involved in this process.

Your self-control and biofeedback alone can be difficult to manage. All techniques require the master’s time, reliability and accuracy. Be careful if you choose to follow this path. Do not cut or stop drugs without your physician’s permission.

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