Genetic Factor in some people that some sort of Trauma or Emotional-sets off or Triggers Fibromyalgia.

I’m not an expert with medical credentials but I can answer as a survivor who’s found her own peace with this crazy illness. It seems there’s a genetic factor in some people that some sort of trauma-physical, mental, or emotional-sets off or triggers fibromyalgia.

My fibromyalgia came after a hysterectomy and the following emergency surgery to remove my infected hemorrhaging ovaries. I was on the mend when I started having severe stomach problems (IBS) that didn’t make any sense.

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A couple of months of that and then the fibrofog came along with exhaustion and body pain, migraines, and other symptoms. I also was having a tough time in my marriage that ended in divorce years later. I kind of felt like my body was trying to tell me something my mind didn’t know yet.

It seems that something happens to someone-an an accident, a surgery, a sexual assault, anything that shocks and traumatized our bodies and minds, and our brains are never quite the same. It’s neurological, they have done lots of studies on that.

It’s been also considered to be an autoimmune disorder or a disorder like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis. It’s not given as much validity because it also seems to have emotional and mental components as well.

When you have fibro your brain gets easily overwhelmed, noises, feelings, stressors, physical pain that’s intense and doesn’t go away-then anxiety kicks in-not anxiety that’s just about worries-but your body feels anxious like it’s being attacked almost.

There’s lots of research on sensory overload and fibromyalgia showing that it’s a real physical symptom. Nerve endings are more sensitive and stressed causing random pain. Other syndromes and illnesses can happen with fibromyalgia making it all more complicated.

Depression is common, not just because we’re sick and exhausted and hurting which would be enough reason, but because it’s similar chemicals involved and parts of the brain as well.

I was part of a group for fibromyalgia and over 350 women responded about sexual or other types of abuse they’ve had and that they consider that trauma the beginnings of their fibromyalgia. It was the stress, the PTSD, and the emotional upheaval of abuse that started it for them.

They’re making progress on diagnosing and doing lots of research on it all, but because everyone with fibromyalgia is different, has different symptoms, other illnesses, different ways it started makes it hard to say definitively what causes it. We can only guess or make inferences right now.

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