For Fibromyalgia Warriors And Their Family Members

This post is aimed at members of the family and the close circle surrounding fibromyalgia people.

Although it is not noticeable for fibromyalgia, its existence is real. Because many people think that, when he appears ill, a guy is not really sick. If a person has fibromyalgia, the person may be healthy (outside), but there is a procession of symptoms inside him. So, we can say that attacks of fibromyalgia with hidden symptoms or symptoms on one’s health are not visible.

Fibromyalgia Warriors Family Members

Fibromyalgia is a hard-to-understand disease. Although there is no solution, the quality of life can be controlled. Since all cases are different, and they have their own effects for everyone suffering from it. Therefore, for everyone, procedures such as workouts, drugs or therapy do not work equally. So, finding what works best for you depending on your symptoms is a constant search.

Don’t be misled by looks. Often relatives or friends may have the perception that a person with fibromyalgia does not make sufficient efforts to fight against it. Because they are not eating well or they are not doing enough exercise. Whereas, every effort made, no matter how small, is much larger than making someone healthy would cost.

Fibromyalgia is not a question in neuroscience. Most people believe that having so many painful signs is unlikely, and nothing comes out after medical examination. So, this condition is attributed to a psychological problem. Besides that, it is important to know that there is ample scientific evidence to prove that it is a true problem.

It’s normal that because of illness, a person with fibromyalgia can’t do the same things as before. They also need a lot of help from their family members to help them in aspects of life. So life can change completely with fibromyalgia.

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Fibromyalgia Changes Lifestyle

Increases in a person’s level of activity in fibromyalgia are common. In contrast, patient with fibromyalgia may be very busy on one day, as another day may not get out of bed. It doesn’t mean a person is lazy or pretending not to be working. There will be days in the patient’s life when the amount of energy is going to be very low. Fibromyalgia is therefore a condition with many body ups and downs.

The fibromyalgia patient is living in constant pain. You’re still feeling pain in the body, even if you don’t show it. Exhaustion, and a lot of external stimuli including smells, sounds, colors, temperature, and other influences will make the pain worse.

In addition, patient with fibromyalgia tries to avoid physical contact with others as they experience a lot of pain with non-painful stimuli. Such as hand grips, slaps on the back, touches the arm and shoulders, even with a strong hug, any friction-producing touch in general.

There is no question that the tiredness of fibromyalgia is not a plain tiredness. Not only is its physical exhaustion, but also mental exhaustion, which does not improve with rest, and for several days a person may prostrate in bed. The person feels consumed by exhaustion and fatigue.

Fibromyalgia Social Activities

Patient fibromyalgia often rejects invites because they are tired or stop attending sessions. This is because they have a problem or a finite amount of energy. Because of which they are afraid that an epidemic can provoke such behaviors.

For fact, mental problems are caused by fibromyalgia. The person forgets things (often little, sometimes important) and has to face concentrating difficulties. It’s named fibroneblin. We sometimes lose things or feel disoriented.

It should be remembered that people with fibromyalgia need to avoid stress. Since anxiety has been shown to exacerbate fibromyalgia symptoms through their pain and fatigue. Try to create a quiet home atmosphere to reduce fibromyalgia stressors.

In fact, their family members ‘ encouragement and empathy will make them feel better. Although you can do very little about this disease, don’t treat it as if nothing happened. Because this attitude can be perceived as disinterest, making patients with fibromyalgia feel you don’t care about it, which affects their relationship with them.

Although, if you are still unfamiliar with this chronic disease, search the Internet. There are countless sources of information about it that will help you to better manage it for your loved ones. Join patients with fibromyalgia in their medical appointments, this is the best way to support them.

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