For a Loving Partner Women with Fibromyalgia as a Men you Need 24 Tips

By: Dr Alex Robber

First, two tips are available, one is to care for the lovers who have pained for lengthy periods continuously, others are the ones who had pain following a significant operation or after a severe accident.

1. I don’t believe it is worth considering pain as an enemy of the spouse as well as of the husband or as an enemy, not some piece of furniture, nor something that the wife carried with them when they were at home.

2. Wives are lovely, they always try to hide their pain like my wife; they don’t want their husbands to think they’re weak, they can’t do anything, and they can’t care about their loved ones.

3. Women who are in pain constant, have the habit of disregarding it and when the pain becomes as high as possible they demonstrate their frustration to you or to themselves; when the pain has reached its limit, she will suddenly break when she screamed at us, hitting their children, she might hit you.

4. To prevent the extremity of sufferings, one should note the sign of pain before saying: my spouse who usually loosens a happy and happy individual, when she’s in distress, nobody else will be silent so that no one can notice the pain in her words while speaking, she’ll hold her pain so closely so it becomes hard to breathe properly.

5.And you should be quick to her immediately after she has noticed a sign of pain, she has gathered from you. Ask her to rate her pain on a scale of 1 to 10. You should be aware of your wives ‘ rating. When you get to learn about their pain, bring them instantly to the best comfort location where they could rest and take medicines. She rates her pain 5 when she broke their ankle bone.

6. Chronic pain doesn’t always imply that the individual is in serious suffering, it changes sometimes and sometimes pain is mild, and sometimes extreme. When you realize she is in pain, remove her if she can move easily, ask her to leave everything and bring her to a pleasant location not linked to food.

7. Don’t let others symphonic themselves; tell them they can do anything; make sure they don’t feel weak in sorrow, it doesn’t make them embarrass. My wife often said that she can’t stand in rain for my children and she’s sorry, so I remember the times she’s always there, always there to do it for us.

8. First I was thinking I should ban my spouse from doing stuff that make her pain, I went to understand that it was not the answer for the problem, run away from the problem, then I told her to do all that she want, even if it causes her pain, I encourage her to learn how to cope with her pain.

9. Women in constant and prolonged pain do stuff that distract from their pain. They attempt and pay less attention to their sufferings and to play games as though there is no pain, which means they look less carefully towards their bodies. They look timid and weak in woman’s case and I was more difficult to have sex. I did many stuffs I enjoyed, like my wife cooking and lifting food.

10. The main thing to remember is that there is pain irrespective of how difficult you try to disregard it. If your spouse does not take account of her suffering and is seeking to suppress it, let them say that she will suppress it from level 5 to stage 2.

11. When someone is in pain you shouldn’t sit with them and don’t do anything, there is a lot to do. If you’re composed, there are some tips you may do at that moment. You can do a lot.

12. Do not bring her home when she is in pain, and it will make her sense worse. Give her phone number other than your cell number so that she can contact you if your numbers are outside of the reach. Make her pain free before she goes back home; do what you can to free hospitalize her from pain.

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13. You first need to help your wife to ignore the pain; when there’s a pain storm your wife becomes unmanageable and all you can do is nothing. You should note the adverse effects that drug addiction has on you. Their primary side effect is constipation, which the patient doesn’t notice at first, even for a week.

14. The two things to be done about pain are pain and inflammation.

15. Swelling can be decreased by using ice packages or any anti-inflammation advised by the doctor. The doctor may prescribe with these narcotic drugs a heavy dose of ibuprofen. Some patients believe that anti-inflammation is a side-medication that can be used after drugs.

16. I believed I should let her sleep until she wakes on her own, then I will medicate her, but later I realized that the pain wakes her up and it takes two hours to fall, so we should give her medication according to the schedule. So, I believed it would be a pain to give her medication.

17. Doctors may not prescribe pain killers when it improves, so it makes it feel like you can save your dose. I will not allow that, as the medicine that is used to avoid it takes double dose to get out of the storm.

18. Then the pain that happens after arriving from the hospital should be held alive. It worsens in night and makes the second evening worse when the nurses return from their hospital. Unfortunately, in the night the patients want to feel better so that they can sleep peacefully.

19. When you go to a place where pain cannot be handled here, there are some tricks to assist you get out of misery, change your feelings after 20 seconds, making it hard for the pain to capture all pain feelings.

20. My wife had lower leg operation, I managed her pain as follows; if she feels less pain than I have sure discovered the correct place for 5 seconds, I had to locate the greater point on the beet which had the same nerve hurting below. I had a strong grip at the point by slapping or using a fork. It is tiring but also can narrow the gap between pain storm and pain medicine. Ice can also be used.

21. Make your feeling simple by promoting you, that you, as she does in childbirth, can convey your pain with sounds or shouts, by pain, to prevent you from holding your breath that will make your body stiffen.

22. Don’t tell her to be shy about her pain. Whenever she feels like, call a doctor.

23. We win her trust whatever your spouse wants, whether we leave or spend time alone, in doing stuff she likes to do.  Different people do not like when in pain, as the wife of my boyfriend wants everybody to come close to her when she has mastectomy. But even my wife doesn’t want her mom close, when she gets in pain. If you’re not close or in a fresh relationship with your spouse, fulfill her wish if she wants to get close to someone else.

24. IT makes me feel hopeless to see my spouse in distress. I just feel helpless. Sometimes when I cry in front of you, it gives her the courage to express her emotions. I cannot remain egoistic by letting her alone; it only adds to her sufferings. All I need to do is remain near and love her. A healthy husband does not leave his wife in pain alone.

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