Finding The Humor In Fibromyalgia

Finding The Humor In Fibromyalgia

Meet Jessica Hooten, she is a fibromyalgia warrior who chooses to find the silver lining about her diagnosis. In this video she tells us all about how she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, treatments she has tried and how she handles getting through each day. Secret: She does it by finding the humor in fibromyalgia.

Search For A Fibromyalgia Doctor

Jessica, like many of us has had sleep issues. She has been to a rheumatologist and a sleep doctor to try to ease her symptoms. Finding treatment and answers can be difficult and Jessica shares her journey with us.

“You don’t want to have something….but can they just find something, so we know what to do.”

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Finding a good primary care doctor has been what helps Jessica. She is lucky to have a doctor that is trying to understand her condition.

Fibromyalgia And Going To Work

Jessica works and tells us how hard it can be sometimes. Some days she struggles to get to work. Many of us can understand this feeling. How does she get through it? She just goes, because once she gets there she knows she will be ok. She is also fortunate to have understanding co-workers.

Day To Day Living With Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia has become so normal for Jessica that she often forgets that things that are going on with her are because of fibromyalgia. She states it takes her longer to heal from surgery than someone that doesn’t have it. She gives a lot of advice on what helps her day to day pain.

They tell me it is not progressive, that it doesn’t get worse, but I feel like it has.”

Staying Postive When Living WIth Fibromyalgia

How does Jessica stay positive? One way is that her and her husband joke about it with each other. She keeps in perspective that although she may be hurting, there are people worse off than her. She gives some advice:

“You have to just accept it.

“It’s going to be ok. You are going to have another good day…when it comes you will appreciate it.”

“Knowing what makes you feel better and doing those things.”

“You have to fight it!”

She has support around her and they keep it light hearted and help her find the humor in the day to day struggles. She is thankful but also does get depressed. The challenge of keeping fibromyalgia in perspective is a day to day fight. A fight that she is willing to do with a smile on her face.

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