How do you get through the horrible aches and pains from Fibromyalgia without prescription pain meds?

I realize that Fibromyalgiadoesn’t affect everyone the same way. I don’t think I suffer as much as some people do.

Having said that, there are things that I have done that make it better. When I was first diagnosed in 1987, I started exercising, at the gym and walking. It took care of almost all my pain. 12 or so years later, the chronic fatigue kicked in and everything got worse. I took naproxen, mostly. It was all I could do to do my job and get home.

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Now since I’ve retired, I thought things would get better without job stress, but not! It’s kind of worse. More and more naproxen. When tramadol became available, I used it sparingly. If I took 50 mg before bed, I slept well and the next morning I felt that it reset my brain, somehow, and I felt pretty good for a while until it got worse again.

When I first heard of CBD oil about 4 years ago, I started taking it and it really helped a lot. It helps with sleep problems, but not enough. A couple of years ago I got some street cannabis edibles, and it worked so well that I knew I had to do some research.

Last year when medical marijuana became legal in my state, I researched different strains and found ones that worked better. When you buy edibles, you don’t always know which strain is in the product. Therefore, I always buy a 1/8 package of “flowers” and make my own special chocolate.

I only take it an hour or so before bed. I get a really good night’s sleep, wake up refreshed, have no side effects, and have more energy. I keep tramadol around for really bad days, mostly caused by changes in weather. I found that less cannabis is more, and have no interest in getting high. One flower lasts me a couple of months.

Bottom line — if you can exercise, do it, but don’t overdo it. Work with CBD oil, tramadol, naproxen, and medical cannabis if it’s available to you. Try not to get stressed, if you can.

Good luck!

Just a little update here to clear something up ….. I don’t take naproxen regularly, now. It’s already given me heartburn and GERD issues. The only things I currently take every day are CBD oil and cannabis, with tramadol and naproxen as needed.

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